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Vic Darchinyan

Vic Darchinyan

Vic Darchinyan

Vic commenced boxing training from the age of 8 within the community in Vanadzor where boxing was very popular. His only trainer was a very experienced armenian trainer Vazgen Badalyan. He participated in the Armenia Junior Amateur Boxing circuit in the 48 kilograms (108 lbs) class and was Age Champion from the of 12, 13,14, 15 and 16.

1993 – Based on Vic’s successes in the Junior Amateur Championships, the Armenian Amateur Boxing Association selected Vic to represent Armenia in the World Title junior amateur boxing tournament which was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Vic comfortably won 5th place.

1994 – In order to pursue his amateur boxing career internationally Vic left Armenia in 1994 and commenced training in Russia, city of Sochi. Vic represented Russia in over 10 tournaments.

1996 – Vic was invited by Ukraine to represent Ukraine in the Amateur Boxing Tournaments and he did so by participating in over 8 tournaments up to mid 1997.

1997 – The Armeninan Amateur Boxing Federation, having observed Vic’s successful progress in Russia and Ukraine invited Vic back to Armenia to represent Armenia in the Armenian and International Amateur Boxing circuit.

During 1997 Vic represented Armenia in the world title tournament defeating amongst others title holders representing Hungary and Australia. Vic has become 5th. Vic was called by the Armenian Government to a two year National Service and joined the Armenian Army. Recognizing his excellent amateur boxing credentials the Armenian Army allowed Vic to continue his vigorous boxing training during his two year National Service.

1998 – Vic represented Armenia in the following international amateur tournaments:

  • Goodwill Games – New York (Note that Vic was the only one representing Armenis. Vic has become 3rd at this tournament).
  • European Cup – Greece (Vic confidently has taken the first place)
  • World Cup – Chong Ching, China (Vic has become 3rd)
  • Accordingly, Vic was honored by the President of Armenia, Mr Kocharian, as one of Armenia’s top 10 sporting heroes (he was number 3 to be precise). This is a very prestigious annual award within Armenia. Vic was also awarded the Armenia “Sporting Masters in Boxing” status.

    1999 – Vic completed his commitments to the Armenian Army and represented Armenia as an Amateur Boxing Champion in the following tournaments:
    European Cup – Ukraine 51 kilograms (112 lbs) class (Vic has become a European Champion for the second time in a row).
    World Amateur Championships – Huston, U.S.A. (reached quarter finals)

    Vic again was selected by the President of Armenia as one of the Armenia’s Top 10 Sporting Heroes for the second year in a row. However, this time he was a hero number 7.

    While in the U.S. Vic was approached by American managers and promoters to become a professional boxer. However Vic did not accept these invitations as his dream was to represent Armenia in the 2000 Olympics which was to be held in Sydney, Australia.

    2000 – During September 2000 Vic represented Armenia in the Sydney Olympic Games and reached the quarter finals. Vic was approached by Jeff Fenech who observed Vic’s progress during the preliminary bouts at the Olympics and asked Vic to become a professional boxer. Vic accepted to be trained by Jeff Fenech and obtained sponsorship from Mr Henry Hacobian, a well respected Armenian businessman living in Sydney.

    Vic’s first professional fight was televised by Foxtel during October 2000, which he won convincingly.

    Vic having entered Australia on a temporary visa for the Olympics, returned to Armenia with the expectation of returning to Australia to pursue his professional boxing career.

    2001 – In February 2001 Vic arrived back to Australia with the appropriate visa and to date has had 25 professional fights and remains undefeated with 20 wins by knockout.

    Vic’s current world titles include:

    • IBF World Champion – Belt
    • IBO Champion –Belt
    • Oceania Title
    • Australian Title
    • IBF Pan Pacific Title

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