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Vartan Taymazyan

Vartan Taymazyan on Armenian Pulse

Vartan Taymazyan

There has been a rude awakening in the Armenian Entertainment business. We have on the horizon the ever dynamic and multi talented musician known as Vartan Taymazyan.

Vartan was born of two hard working Armenian parents in the capital city of Yerevan September 7, 1985.  Vartan’s father was a musician and played the accordion. It was his father’s passion and love of music that influenced Vartan as a young child. When he was only 5, Vartan and his family experienced something that would forever change and impact the lives of Vartan and his family. This experience was their new beginning moving from Armenia to America.

It was this event that began to shape his musical aspirations. When he was a child, Vartan would sing traditional Armenian folk songs to entertain his family and friends.

These folk songs and odes of his former home helped develop a courageous and full voice.

The pride in these folklore and folk songs instilled in Vartan the aspirations of becoming the GREATEST ARMENIAN singer ever. At the young age of 14, Vartan had established a name for himself and an undeniable reputation of being an extremely talent musician. This gave way to Vartan performing live events for private parties.  His handsome looks and brilliant voice have become idealistic in our Armenian community.

After years of hardship and struggle in the Armenian music industry, his remarkable talents were recognized by a mutual friend and another gentleman Edgar Khdrlaryan, C.E.O of Coast to Coast Records Inc. That is when his career blossomed and skyrocketed.

After being signed to Coast to Coast Records Inc, with a fresh approach and two music moguls at his side, Vartan embarked on his newfound career. Vartan Taymazyan is rising to stardom, with a solid foundation behind him as well as fans and admirers that believe in him. There is no limit to how far Vartan will go.

Ready or not, here comes the star studded multi talented artist who’s going to take over the industry by storm.  Vartan’s spirit and love for music has catapulted him to another level of artistry which has defined Vartan Taymazyan. As he would say, “I AM MUSIC!”

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