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Tigran Asatryan

Tigran Asatryan on Armenian Pulse Radio

Tigran Asatryan

Tigran Asatryan is one of the most popular Armenian singers around today. He is the son of famous Armenian singer Aram Asatryan and the brother of Artash Asatryan. The Asatryan family has been contributing to Armenian Music for many years now and both Tigran and Artash have many hits in today’s Armenian pop culture.

In 2010 Tigran released his highly anticipated CD titled ‘Uzum Em Sires’ which produced many hits such as

Hayi Sirun Achker, Tariner, 8_30, Sirum Em-sirum Em among others. We will have his complete bio once it becomes available to us. You can hear Tigran Asatryan on Armenian Pulse Radio.

Tigran’s Facebook Page