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Stepan Partamian

Stepan Partamian on Armenian Pulse

Stepan Partamian

Stepan Partamian is the founder of the Armenian Arts Fund, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that promotes artistic excellence in several disciplines.

Some of the Armenian Arts Funds’ past accomplishments include a landmark recording of Komitas Vardapet’s Divine Liturgy, performed entirely on duduks by the Winds of Passion Quartet; the first-ever Armenian program for the KCRW World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl; the concert Armenia Unbound: A Musical Journey at the J. Paul Getty Museum; and an unprecedented night of music, Spirit of Armenia, at the 2007 KCRW World Festival, commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association.

Partamian is also a talk-show host, renowned for helping shape public discourse in Los Angeles and beyond through his politically incorrect commentaries and analyses of current affairs.

Future Armenian Arts Fund projects include The Armenian in America, a sprawling film documentary of off-the-beaten track Armenian life in the United States as well as a companion book; and Gifts to the World: A Compendium of Armenian Contributions to Humanity, due to be released in April 2015, on the 100th anniversary of Medz Yeghern.

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