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Band Members:

Shad Sager, Vartan Antonyan, Ryan Bradley, Erick Uphoff, Crespatrick De Los Reyes

SKYLINE is the story of five hearts that dared to dream big. It’s a tale of five passionate souls who’ve become the quintessential legend of the American dream come true. The band is a powerhouse quintet, marked by diversity and an excess of talent, fused as one unit to create an internationally appealing, edgy Pop phenomenon. From the effortless bad boy ways of Erick and the avant-garde wisdom of Vartan, to the party guy charm of Ryan, the mysterious swag of Crespatrick, and the boy-next-door innocence of Shad, these lethal pairings of artistic gifts with unique personalities set the band apart from the rest. They attribute their name, SKYLINE, to entail just that–a symbol representing five young men from five distinct cities, standing together united. If you ask, they’ll tell you to look upwards towards the horizon where the earth and the sky collide into one another, where all is one and one is all. That is the essence of SKYLINE.

Since their creation in Sept. 2008, this group of singing sensations has headlined a national commercial for Cricket Wireless, opened for Grammy-nominated recording artist Colby O’Donis in concert, and packed world-renowned venues to capacity, such as the Music Box at Fonda, the House of Blues, and the Key Club Hollywood. Along with originally crafted dog tags around their necks, the boys use these symbols of commitment to enter the unforgiving battle grounds that is the entertainment industry. The tags represent a dedication to the fight in delivering music that transcends what ‘boy bands’ are stereotypically expected to do. Therefore, equipped with an arsenal of fresh, addictive, and inventive songs, such as the Doo-Wop inspired heartbreak tale of “Not The Only One” and the urban meets electro, feel good declaration of “Man On The Moon,” the boys have come prepared to change the game. In an industry where artists are puppets, SKYLINE is proud to inject Pop consumers with a dose of realness.

Peeking in through a different lens, this is also a tale of brotherhood–a fantastical fable of a family grounded in their unwavering faith. Having fought through personal pains and tragic losses, these five friends have fallen, endured, and risen together, all the while never having budged their eyes from the SKYLINE. Fans and supporters alike would attest to the boys’ genuine bond. This, they’d claim, is what anoints the band into a league of their own. When asked about their success, the captivating quintet state that not one of them could have foreshadowed such achievement. Most importantly, however, according to Shad, Vartan, Ryan, Erick, and Crespatrick, would be “…the messages we sing about and the ideals we stand for as artists,” that have changed and touched their fans’ lives. “On top of that,” they continue, “we get to experience this journey with each other, as brothers and best friends. That’s what makes it all so special.” So with their hearts on their sleeves and hands reaching for the stars, SKYLINE is surely ready to change the face of music, whilst embarking on the greatest adventure of their lives.

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