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Silvy Kas

Silvy Kas

Silvy Kas

The Information Below Was Taken From Silvy’s Bio

Silvy Kas moved to the United States at the early age of 4 years old. Born in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, she has traveled to many parts of the Middle East. She is of Armenian and Greek decent. She speaks Armenian fluently and her work experience is as varied as her look.

Silvy always believed in education first. Before she allowed herself to pursue a career in entertainment, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In college, she was very active, adding theater to her long list of hobbies. These hobbies eventually grew into a full-time career.

She has made appearances on the FX show “Nip Tuck” as well as E!’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Currently she can be seen on USArmenia’s “The Immigrants” where she plays the recurring role of Luiza. She recently finished working on a Co-Starring role in the short film “With Angels and Fire,” starring Tom Sizemore and Tim Abell, as well as the feature film “Verlaine”, where she plays a seductive Russian debutante.

She has graced many pages in magazines and catalogs and can be seen in commercials worldwide including a Miller Lite commercial that airs in Latin America. She has shot for editorials and clothing lines such as Coexistence, Oyster, Just USA, and Time-out Clothing.

When she’s not busy working, she enjoys traveling, meditating, and studying with her acting coach, Katt Shea.

“Coming from a very conservative Middle Eastern background, I knew I was going to face a lot of challenges, from others, as well as personal issues I had to deal with myself. I have so much respect for people who live their lives dangerously and full of passion. So that’s what I did, I let go of all my fears, and dove into my love of acting with full force and I haven’t looked back since. Acting has allowed me to free myself from myself, if that makes sense. When I’m playing a role, it just takes me for a ride no words could describe. I feel lucky to have found something in my life that truly excites me every single day”.

She now continues expanding her artistry and knowledge of the craft with some of the most motivated professionals in the business. She aspires to not just be another working actress, but a great artist. Silvy Kas is full of charm, down to earth, and goofy as can be. With an exciting career in modeling, TV and film, she is a successful starlet and there is no stopping this mogul in the making. She continues to take on projects that involve creative self-expression, traveling the world, and truly loves helping others along the way.

Her diverse look gets her noticed, but it is her ability to complete a wide array of roles, her hard work ethic, and her down-to-earth nature that makes her a professional.

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