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Silent Noise

Silent Noise

Silent Noise

The information below was taken from Silent Noise’s Bio.



Greg– Keyboards/Synthesizers, and Piano

Evan– Drums

SILENT NOISE was formed in March of 2006 by Lead singer/Lead guitarist FRED GHANBARI. After a few lineup changes, SILENT NOISE is at its best with the current, and permanent lineup. The great lineup is Fred, Andrew, and Greg respectfully. Each providing their own unique brand of style , and voice to the band. SILENT NOISE is a Modern ROCK band with no limitations and no boundaries. The music speaks for itself.The Melodies, and songs of SILENT NOISE are specially blended influences of 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music which is uncommon among most of the bands today.

The ultimate goal of SILENT NOISE is to reach to masses and provide a Journey into their heart and soul, capturing their emotions and feelings on a higher and deeper level. If you want hard rock with melody, catchy songs,Melodic Guitar Solos, and memorable guitar riffs, this is the band to hear!

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