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Shakeh is an Artist, constantly exploring and showcasing her talents. She discovered her love and appreciation for the Arts at a very young age, with the background of piano, guitar, musical theatre, choir and opera.

Eventually, Shakeh embarked on a journey to create, perform and embrace the Arts as a profession.

Shakeh sang and wrote songs ranging from Rock to Electronic music. Originally a musician mainly focused on singing/songwriting, she naturally transformed into a producer. Having the background of vast musical training, Shakeh utilized her skills the second she stepped into a studio, resulting in remixes for various electronic artists and to her latest debut production album, “September Morning.”

Her collaboration as a singer-songwriter for “Say Yes” with the EC Twins and Remy Le Duc has gained recognition in the electronic scene, and has charted on Beatport’s 100 within days of release.

*Shakeh is currently in the studio working on her second album and collaborating with respectable artists in the industry. Stay tuned…

Shakeh’s Website