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Sergey Grigoryan

Sergey Grigoryan

Sergey Grigoryan

The information below was taken from Sergey’s Bio.

Grigoryan Sergey, was born on July, 10th, 1981. Since childhood he was always attached to music. At his early age he wrote his first composition under the name of “Rain” as well as a book of poems. On one of his birthdays, instead of asking for usual children’s cars and other toys from his parents, little Sergey asked for a record player as a birthday present. Right then and there his parents’ dreams of seeing their son to become a future doctor or an economist have failed. “I Remember, when on my mother’s birthday I have broken my leg and right after we got home from hospital, still limping in a cast, I already stood ready in front of the player with an empty bottle of shampoo (instead of a microphone) in my hands singing songs of Boney M, Al Bano, Toto Cutugno, Alla Pugecheva, Valery Leontiev, Tina Turner and to other singers whose hits were very popular in the 80’s.”

When he was eleven, Sergey was introduced to very famous and honorable Armenian composer Arthur Grigoryan who was the art director of the Music State Theatre. “We still remember how I was standing in front of a grand piano and singing one of his hits called “Drner” (The Doors) with a shivering voice. Then, he advised me to be engaged in more serious business and to wait until the period of voice maturation was over. He never changed his decision until one day he heard me sing live. My family origin is from Karabakh and my persistent attitude has helped me a lot (laughing) in achieving my goals; after a while I appeared on stage of Music State Theatre. I am grateful to Arthur Grigorevich that he was there…” Persistence and diligence has helped Sergey to wait not only the mutational period, but also more seriously to take over his favorite hobby – singing. “When my friends were dreaming to become cosmonauts, doctors or engineers, I used to arrange concerts in the court yard, participate in various school cultural activities and would sing in school chorus”.

After graduating from High School in 1999, Sergey was admitted to Yerevan State University, in the Department of Journalism. “I was always involved in television and if were not to make it as a singer, I would certainly be a journalists. It won’t hurt to have two specialties”. In the year of 2000, he was admitted to the vocal branch of school-studio of the Music State Theatre where his dream came true. Here is the place where he starts his first steps on the professional stage, where his professional biography starts as the singer and the author of songs for many Armenian performers. “I am very grateful to fate that brought me together with many professionals, great people, musicians and friends. I’ve always gone and I continue to go to the fact that I have as of today and greatly I value and appreciate it. Thanks to God…

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