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The information below was taken from Sebu’s Bio

I was born in a lost world, somewhere between Beirut and Aleppo, under falling bombs, two weeks premature. It was a miracle both my mom and I survived. The turmoil in the Middle East became simply unbearable. A few hundred miles to the north, my ancient Armenian homeland was unreachable behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union. We finally made it safely to the states in ’85…

But the states had come to me much earlier, in the form of a worn out compilation tape that included Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” and Madonna’s “Burning Up.” I didn’t know it at the time, but that music, for better or worse, pushed me down the neverending slide of song.

Since then I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to sing, play, write, record and perform. I’ve traveled with world renowned choirs, fronted several award-winning rock bands, produced music for critically-acclaimed artists in many genres, and embarked on a wide variety of mind-expanding musical journeys. All of this led me to one place. Here. Now. Writing and recording my newest, most personal material.

Never before have I felt so simultaneously vulnerable and free.

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