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Sam Amazyan

Sam Amazyan on Armenian PulseI am a musician and  a composer. Music is my passion. I don’t label myself as a classical, or flamenco, or any other style guitarist – my passion is music in general.  Most of my original compositions are inspired by nature. And I choose to perform melodic songs. But I’ve performed and experimented with a wide variety of styles (from classical to jazz to rock to heavy metal to European to Middle Eastern music) and came up with my own – a blend of traditional Armenian, Russian, European and Eastern music with a touch of flamenco and jazz.

My greatest joy in life is creating and performing music that touches and enriches peoples lives. If I can add just a little light and happiness to this world, I feel that I have lived a life of meaning and significance. Throughout all my performances around the world, I’ve learned that giving is receiving, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping people through my music. Today I enjoy performing nationwide at retirement and assisted living homes, and I see what a difference that one-hour performance makes in people’s lives.

My other devotion and mission in life is to help fight cancer. Having seen a child go through the pain and agony of cancer, I know in my heart there must be a cure and I am dedicated to contributing in finding a cure. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a child succumb to this enemy and not be able to experience the beauty and mystery of life. You can join me in helping Kids with Cancer by clicking on American Childhood Cancer Organization.

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