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Red Snow

Red Snow

RED SNOW has evolved into one of L.A.s unique hard rock bands and continues to create music on many different levels.

VOCALIST JEZTER was awarded the Outstanding Rock Vocalist Award at the Detroit Music Awards in 2005, and has had NUMEROUS nominations with most of his previous bands as well, including Blues Vocalist, Harmonica Instrumentalist, and a few Outstanding Recording and Video nominations. As of August 2007, JEZTER moved to Hollywood, CA to LIVE his musical dream! Immediately he found his way on to VH1 Reality TV Show “ROCK OF LOVE”-“Charm School”, with Sharon Osbourne. And now he has found a perfect match with RED SNOW.

LEAD GUITARIST Vahe “V” Marzbetuny is often praised as a lyrical, soulful guitarist and is the heart and soul of the band. He has recorded with Serj Tankian and Arto Tuncboyadjian on the CD entitled “Serart” on a song called “Devils Wedding”. Vahe along with his brother Zareh, both were members of a successful rock band in the 90’s called “Mach 1.” Their debut Mach 1 CD is still selling worldwide. Vahe also produced the bands last 4 cds as Station V productions.

BASSIST Zareh Marzbetuny is a skilled bass player with a unique ability to play a wide range of styles. His crisp, round earth-shaking sound fills a room. His firm rhythm makes him one of the most in-demand bassists around. He’s a funny guy with funny things to say and plays some burnin bass riffs.

KEYBOARDIST “Mr. Jack” shows his ability to mix his assorted keyboards and synths (strings, textures, piano) in songs that are accessible yet (at times) free-flowing enough to be quasi-ambient. He has brought a unique style of his own to Red Snow.

Returning back to Red Snow for 2009 is a familiar face. DRUMMER Shant “Ruckus” Sarkissian adds an incredible rhythmic backbone. He has a knack for placing the right sound in the right places. His use of space and his energy is amazing. Another fine example of a drummer whos playing is complete self-expression.

Narek Stepanian is a very talented bass and guitar player/songwriter who currently plays bass in the band “Non-EyE. He is an important figure on the upcoming E.P

Chris Daniel is a rapidly growing drummer in the music scene. His versatility on both drum set and percussion have made him an in demand player for live and in the studio. ***Chris Daniel recorded all the drums for the upcoming RS release. His current projects include VISA & Chameleon Conductor respectively.

In 2004/2005 Red Snow released 2 self-produced EPs with acclaimed vocalist LaLa Avedis. Showtime Motel, was nominated for Best Rock Album at the Armenian Music Awards in 2004. Dragonfly (2005) received rave reviews and earned them a performance in the 2005 Armenian Music Awards at the world famous Hollywood Palladium. In 2006, They returned with the energetic “Lina Mantachian” on Vocals, and performed live at the Armenian Music Awards for the third straight year earning another nomination for Best Rock Album with the release of “Perfect Nowhere.”

Red Snow performed their explosive shows at venues such as The House of Blues (On Sunset),The Key Club, The El Rey Theater, The Whisky, The Viper Room, B.B. Kings (Universal Citywalk), The Henry Fonda (Musicbox Theatre), The Roxy, Canes (San Diego) and The Knitting Factory (Hollywood). Winners of USA4real Radio’s “Best Live Performance” of 2007.

Currently, RED SNOW is in the studio recording new material with PRODUCER Levon Sultanian “(Abloom,Onesidezero) brings his style/expertice to the table for Red Snow for 2009 . According to Vahe, “Levon believed in us from Day 1 and we are greatful & honored to have him onboard”.”He has pushed us and inspired us to examine every second of every song over the past year or so.. and without a doubt has helped us to achieve what we set out to do from the beginning”. He plays a Huge part in the making of RED SNOW 2009, LEVON also debuts his vocal skills on one of the songs.

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