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Novva aka Avetis Hekimyan was born May 18 in Armenia to a respected Armenian singer/Songwriter. At the age of 11 months, he and his parents moved to Hollywood, California. Being of Western Europe descent in America was a struggle for his family but they were able to overcome the hardships and persevere. Being the son of a  Armenian musician, Novva came about his musical talents and management skills quite honestly. Novva individually started on his musical journey at the age of 12, when he won a poetry contest. From there Novva started writing more and more poetry which evolved into lyrics for his rap music. Equipped with an arsenal of songs, Novva started looking for a way where he could perform and record his music.

At the age of 14, Novva found just the right people to help him do that. With his songs recorded and his passion strong, Novva was at a restaurant near Hollywood High where he went to school when he was given the serendipitous opportunity to meet with rap legend Warren G. Novva spit a few bars for him which Warren was very impressed. From there, Warren introduced him to Shade Sheist producer Sujit. Unfortunately, that pairing did not last long due to inconvenient circumstances. Unwilling to give up and stray from his dreams, Novva carried on entering rap battle contests and other showcases. In 2000, he won the coveted 92.3 the beat rap battle giving him local buzz and notoriety in the industry.

On a fateful turn of events, Novva was in a near fatal car accident which left him with severe internal hemorrhaging in his head. The doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of survival. The accident left him having to meet with neurologist every week in order to gain a full restitution of health. With the unwavering will to survive and the encouragement of his friend Truth of Panther Entertainment, Novva made a full recovery. Truth got Novva back on his feet and back into the performing circuit gaining him shows that helped him regain his confidence on stage. With great supporters and friends, Novva continued on his career, Novva began to do more and more shows, hooking up with old-school rap legend Bronx Style Bob, former Rolling Stones artist of the year who introduced him to Sean Healy, one of Los Angeles’ top promoters.

He has opened doors and wrote songs to many people in his community,. for example his very first song he had written in his community was in Armenian that was performed by Vartan Taymazyan called “Karotelem” was Novva’s first official Armenian song he had came up with the concept and idea , obviously with Vartan arranging it to his comfort, that also had featured another young talented Armenian Artist by the name of KG.  That really motivated him and started writing more and more which resolved him doing a music video with Vartan Taymazyan featuring:Miks Miko from Erevanski another well known armenian hip hop artist; Si Ana a Armenian actress/singer; Hot dollar, a So So Def artists with the single “Streets on Lock”, and ofcoarse Novva.  With a short timing period that music video escaladed to over a 100k views that just gave him more and more inspirations and involved himself doing songs with Lil Zane, Shytown, Emmy from Eurovision, working with Atlantic Producer MG, another big producer Jack Danielz, G Flow, Dj Spex and many more.

Novva had finally found the music he felt comfortable with, which was techno/house/pop tracks.  His on the urge of blowing up with a hit single called “Promises Ain’t Forever” .  There is no limit to Novva’s expectation, he is here to make his Armenians happy to whatever his talent takes him.  Novva is the definition of music, he has given his heart and soul to that one thing he can never stay away from “MUSIC”.

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