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Nazo Bravo

Nazo Bravo

Nazo Bravo

Nazo Bravo is currently working on his debut album with seasoned veteran producer Corey “OZ” Simon (credits: T.I., Macy Gray, MC Ren, Boyz N Da Hood, Xzibit, and more) and up-and-comers The CaliNovas.

Born in Hollywood, Nazo grew up in Los Angeles to a blue-collar immigrant household. “Music was never part of the picture. My family wanted me to have an easier life than they did so they would always say ‘make money with the pen, not with your back’. They meant education, but I flipped it into writing music. And I have no formal education in creating music — I write everything from the gut based on how it hits me instinctively.”

“I learned as I got older that music has always been in my blood, but I had to uncover it myself. The only one who might have pushed me in that direction was my grandfather, from whom I got my name, but he died when I was young. They say I have his same personality.”

Fast forward to today, and Nazo most recently booked a part in the TNT hit series SouthLAnd opposite Lucy Liu and Michael Cudlitz. “That was a great experience,” Nazo says, “I started acting to help my music career, and I actually got on MTV through acting faster than I did with music. When that happened, I told myself ‘I gotta push this acting shit too.’ ” The two worlds came together when Bravo executive produced his debut music video HyePower. “The whole concept of HyePower came about when I met Kendrick Lamar. We talked about the music game and he blessed me with some advice. He dropped HiiiPower after that, and when I saw the video it gave me the spark to flip the concept and talk about my people. The word Hye means Armenian so I pulled in Hye actors, artists, friends, fans, and family in that video to make something positive for my people out here in LA and across the globe. The video has gotten such an extraordinary positive response that I consider it a milestone in my career.”

Nazo also recently joined West Coast supergroup 1st Generation (with Kurupt, MC Eiht, King T, Jayo Felony, Sir Jinx, and DJ Battlecat) on tour, and also opened up for the legendary Dogg Pound at the Key Club. “I have a lot of good momentum on my side right now.” Nazo continues, “All of the ups and downs I’ve gone through in this music game has made me the artist I am today. The team that I have right now is on point, with OZ who’s a genius and my production team The CaliNovas we’re hungry, along with my label Mighty Hye and that whole staff, I got a real strong thing going. Because of all that, I’m making the best music of my life right now.”

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