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Marina BerBeryan

Marina Berberyan

Marina Berberyan

Marina BerBeryan, is an award winning Celebrity Fashion Stylist, an Image Consultant & a Style Expert. She is one of the best emerging fashion stylists in Hollywood, CA. Marina loves what she does. Her talent offers her the ability to be happy while making others happy. Her unique sense of style is as beautiful as it is versatile, combining street sophistication with vintage accents and always a modern twist to create her unique look of elegance. People who have been lucky enough to have Marina style them have said what sets Marina apart is her unique style and her eye for up-coming trends and designers. Above all else, Marina creates beautiful concepts and watches them come to life! She understands the importance of looking beautiful and through fashion imagery creates the right unique look for her clients and their universal target audience. Her inspiration comes from fashion’s ability repeating itself, using the past as a major reference in her work. She is a respected fashion stylist go-to-gal for fashion must have trends and fashion advice. Her motto is “MARiNA turns the ordinary into the extraordinary!”

The young and beautiful fashion guru, Marina styles and consults for fashion photo shoots, celebrity editorials, music videos, films, commercial advertisements, red carpet events, beauty pageants and more. Along with some of these projects, she enjoy styling her private clients. She has also contributed to Los Angeles Fashion Fashion & Style for Hollywood. Some of her work has been recently featured on E!, Yahoo, Simply Chic Magazine, MF Magazine (twice), Diversity News, Tehran International Magazine (on the Cover), Examiner, Pageant Magazine, Model Vanity, BizMagz (on the Cover), Zimbio and WTV Networks — to name a few. Also, she is regularly quoted in newspapers, magazines (print & online), various blogs, Facebook & Twitter. Her expertise is valued and sought after by various media outlets, socialites, and private clients.

Some of the people that Marina has recently worked with are Sabrina Parisi (Italian-American celebutante, television personality, socialite, bestselling author, editor, actress, model, businesswoman), Jaimie Hilfiger (actress, supermodel; niece of famed fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger), actress Christine Ames, actress Anne Judson-Yager, actress Nikki Storm, Caroline Cagney (contributing editor/writer/stylist for Los Angeles Magazine, contributor at C Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, Vogue Italia, Hampton’s Country, The Hollywood Reporter & others), Jarvee Hutcherson (President at Multicultural Motion Picture Association -MMPA), Maria Amor ( Exotifit For Humanity CEO & President, The Exoti-Angels; President, celebutante, businesswoman), 13 Beautiful Ladies from all over the world that have competed for Ms. Beauty World Pageant 2011 including Ms. USA, Ms.Canada, Ms. Ukraine, Ms. Hungary, Ms. France, Ms. Mexico, Ms. El Salvadore, Ms. Philippines and so forth), Shane Facchinello, recording artist from American Idol, Rolando Beauchamp (celebrity hair stylist/guru has styled for Vogue, Elle, BCBG and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Charlies Angels and etc.. ), Ford Agency models, as well as celebrity designers all over the world that work with Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc…

Twice a year or so, Marina facilitates a “Fashion & Style Seminar”, which is an image consultancy and fashion related educational experience helping women to find their own real style. She gives people the understanding and skills to dress fashionably in clothes that suit their shape, size and function. She has another Fashion & Style Seminar coming up soon. Additionally, once a year she does “pro-bono” styling for short films and/or other gigs.

Besides creating glamorous looks for her clients, Marina has had and continues to have interesting range of business experiences. She has worked for the Financial Department, in the City of Burbank. She has held a Senior Executive Branch Administrator position in Comforce Corporation, which is a $150 billion dollar contingent staffing industry for over 50 years. Marina is also the Founder and Chief Designer of D’Moiselle Couture (an international brand that designs for celebrities), Co-Founder of Valentina MedSpa (a laser hair removal and skin care center based in Hollywood, CA), The Real Housewife of Hollywood ( a dedicated wife who loves to cook & clean and a super-mom of three amazing children; Katrina – 7, Isabella – 5, Johnny – 4.) She is actively involved in her childrens lives with school and other side activities. She is often called The Super Mom by her family, friends, and clients.

Marina is an American-Armenian-Ukrainian Fashionista. She was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She is the only child in the family. Her mother is Ukrainian and her father is Armenian. During her childhood years, Marina lived in two different countries, Armenia and Ukraine. At age of 10, she moved to United States with her family and was raised in Hollywood, CA. During her teenage years she lived in New York City along with her parents. After living there for couple of years they moved back to Los Angeles. Due to her multicultural background she speaks English, Russian, Armenian, and familiar with French, Spanish, Ukrainian and Turkish. Marina used to do modeling on a side, some acting and was Ms. Jr. Teen New York 1996. Her extensive travels have allowed her to become familiar with fashion through many cultures around the world. Marina’s passion for fashion started at an early age when her first full sentence was “I want that dress!.” she said at a boutique, according to her mother: The words of a true fashionista! Her very first sewing lesson was taught to her at age of six. She also won The Best Fashion Stylist Award in her school at the age of seven. Not only, Marina discovered how much fun it was to play dress up, but also became her mother’s & grandmother’s personal shopper & image consultant at the age of twelve. She grew up loving and admiring famous designers, beautiful models and celebrities. Marina developed a high level of aesthetic and passion for fashion.

Today, Marina often gets invited as a special guest to attend red carpet events, the Emmys, the Oscars, Movie Premieres and so forth. She loves helping and supporting charities such as Breast Cancer Foundation and NoH8 Campaign. Marina is one of the best: Tinseltown’s rising fashion stylists and image experts. She has several exciting projects on the horizon and at the same time continues styling her private clients. Some of the projects are a new fashion related TV reality show and a new organic skin care line for Valentina MedSpa. She is also becoming involved within the Armenian entertainment community. Her goal is to revolutionize the fashion within the Armenian entertainment business. Marina is the new millenniums Fashionista Jill of all Trades!”

As for the future, yes, she has big dreams! She would love to see herself styling A-list celebrities from Lourdes Leon (Madonnas daughter) to Angelina Jolie, high profile business women like Oprah Winfrey & Hilary Clinton, and perhaps one day, shell be able to style another similar show such as Sex & the City. “I am not sure what the future holds for me, but one thing I know for sure I will not settle for less because I have big dreams …and I know I will get there!” says Marina.

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