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Khoren Mouradian

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Khoren Mouradian

Khoren is born in Beirut, Lebanon February 28, 1973. Khoren’s musical journey had officially started at the age of 12 in Dubai, U.A.E. where he learned to play the keyboards. In 1988 he moved to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where he continued his education. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering and in 1997 established a successful company “Ridgeview Homes” where he builds 50 to 70 homes per year and is very well recognized in the building industry. Khoren is also the CEO of Tri-City Wholesale Flooring where it’s a major importer of all kinds of flooring goods.

With all this at hand, Khoren loves making music and entertaining. Khoren’s hard work and dedication to music has rewarded him with a nomination for the Best Armenian/Mediterranean album of the year in 2008! Khoren performs at many Armenian festival functions, community events, and private parties. Khoren performs in many different styles and languages to suit any crowd.

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