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Having been born into a family of musicians, KG “Kid Genius” began producing music from the age of 12. With assistance from his cousin MG, he mastered the basics of the industry. Still having the rest of his career to build upon and is on his way to becoming a successful music producer.

Currently at the age of 17, he’s working with Universal artist Young Life, Treacherous Records artists Crooked I and One-2, Super Sako, and much more. “A combination of high expectations and big dreams is the driving force that will inevitably evolve this KID into a music extraordinaire”.

Upon request, KG had produced and written a couple songs for Armenian recording artist Super Sako. Somehow he ended up featured on the tracks and performed at the concert in Alex Theatre. To say the least, the audience was pleased by his performance and from then on, a part of the Armenian community saw him as a singer. Family and friends can’t say the word without smirking, because KG himself would never imagine singing. He has been producing music since he was 12 years old and that’s what he plans to pursue in life. As for his “singing” career? “that’s just somethin Low Key”…

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