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Karen Grigoryan

Karen Grigoryan (Kavin Grig) was born on the planet Earth, to be more concrete in Yerevan, Armenia in the last century on March 14,1984.

Karen Grigoryan is an Armenian artist, songwriter, producer, film director and TV host. Holding a number of educational certificates and prizes not only in Armenia, but also in different countries, the bachelor degree in political science and master degree in European studies Karen Grigoryan has expressed a great devotion to the art and his artistic biography is admired by many people and has been in the center of attention of many art critics.
As a graphic artist Karen Grigoryan was honored with awards in different countries.

Being a young artist Karen Grigoryan has contrived to organize 10 solo exhibitions and has taken part in 3 cooperate exhibitions (“Portfolio” exhibition , Armenian Rock Fashion, “Interval” Exhibition of Graphic Art,”President’s Prize 2009″ exhibition in the Gallery of Armenian Painters Union, “Silence” photo exhibition,”NO AIDS” Project, Exhibition-selling to help Haitian people after the catastrophe,”Silence against noise” exhibition at Menier Gallery in London, “Route” exhibition in Naregatsi Art Institute,”Bog of Colors” exhibition in Aleppo, Syria, “Armenia/Georgia Inside/Out” exhibition in Dresden, Germany and etc…) presenting to the Armenian and international audience more than 400 of his artworks featuring on various themes: “Artist Marc Shagall”, “Armenian Genocide”, “No AIDS. All his exhibitions were covered by the local and international mass media. Karen Grigoryan has a close collaboration with many Armenian writers as an illustrator of books. He is a member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Designers.

As a film director in 2007 Karen Grigoryan has prepared a short-length feature film called “Angels on the roofs” which was screened at one of the biggest cinema halls in Armenia earning the attention of the audience. The DVD version of the film has traveled in various destinations. He has also made several music videos/clips.

One of the impressive achievements of Karen Grigoryan is the bilingual (Armenian-English) book dedicated to Marc Shagall which is comprised of Karen Grigoryan’s analysis and interpretations. He has tried his hand in journalism and currently leads columns in several Armenian art magazines combining it with his duties in the respective magazines as an art director.

In 1992 he entered the musical school named after Armen Tigranyan at the violin department and in 1998 he finished it. As a songwriter in 2010 Karen Grigoryan has released his first album titled “Emotions” which has been a big success in Armenia. In the scope of the album Karen Grigoryan cooperated with many renowned Armenian singers and musicians. Currently all his endeavors are addressed to the compositions of his second “White Illusions” album.

The producing has always been the impartial part of Karen Grigoryan’s work, his success in the field are the album of Spiritual Music by Bishop Anushan Jamkochyan, “Marc Shagall-120” Festival in Armenia, “Armenia in Europe” TV program, albums of several Armenian pop singers, etc.

Starting from February 2009 Center for European Law and Integration and “ArmNews-Euronews” TV Company are broadcasting “Armenia in Europe” TV program, which aims at promoting the public understanding of the EU and its values, stipulating political dialogue and somehow contributing to the awareness of the Armenian society about the integration processes. During each program one topic will be discussed by presenting the different aspects of the topic through the means of an interview with an expert in the field, reporting the opinion of an independent expert on the topic under discussion, public opinion inquiry, as well as by quoting some of the leading European newspaper articles. Karen Grigoryan is the producer and the host of this TV program.

During his four-year artistic career Karen Grigoryan has been always in the limelight of the media. Karen Grigoryan was on the cover pages of several Armenian popular magazines. It’s worth mentioning that Karen Grigoryan is an active civil society leader and always supports different civil and social activities.

Now Karen Grigoryan is the director of “GRIG” design studio.

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