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Inga Stamboltyan

Inga Stamboltyan on Armenian Pulse

Inga Stamboltyan

Born in Yerevan Armenia, Inga Stamboltyan is an up-and-coming Armenian/American actress whose work is showcased on stage, film, and photography.

Delighted to be a part of the growing Armenian entertainment Industry, Inga currently plays the role of Aileen in the new hit Armenian drama series “Immigrants” on USArmenia. Prior to this role Inga met an Armenian director by the name of Vahik Pirhamzei better known as Rafael Keri. Under his direction and guidance her professional acting career took off. She began performing with a group of Armenian actors, who shortly after became household names. She is best remembered as Anoush, the spunky blond daughter-in-law. The hit sensation became a widespread phenomenon with repeated sold out shows. For three years the group performed and toured together eventually taking the show to sea on cruise ships. Inga got the opportunity to guest appear for the Armenian Comedy Awards.

“What I enjoy most is that I get to perform in my native language.” She credits much of her success to her bilingual capabilities. Inga learned how to read and write in Armenian as a child. “The scripts are written in Armenian, I was glad to be literate in the language, it was the only way I could work in the Armenian market.”
In the late 80’s, Inga and her family immigrated to America. As a toddler growing up in Hollywood, Inga had no idea she was at the epicenter where American dreams are made. It was inevitable for the entertainment industry to attract Inga’s attention. At the age of 9 she began taking acting lessons and landed her first gig on stage. Much to her surprise and delight, the child role was for an Armenian musical. It was then that Inga experienced singing, dancing and acting on stage. Right away she knew that her passion was in theater, musical theater to be exact.

Though out the years, Inga continued her training. She worked on strengthening her skills in singing, dancing and acting, booking many roles in musicals. “The exhilaration I get performing live on stage is indescribable.”

She continues to collaborate with yet another up and coming film director, Sona Stamboltsyan, her very own sister who currently works with her on “Immigrants”. The Stamboltsyan sisters continue to work together, combining both their artistic talents for future projects to come.

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