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Hikaz Dermenjian (DJ Hike)

DJ Hike

DJ Hike

Hikaz Dermenjian was born on August 1, 1978 in Yerevan, Armenia. He grew up listening to his mom’s records, thus exposing him to great artists such as… Beatles, Boney M, Demis Rusos, Abba, Sofia Rataru, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis and more. From the very start, he was inspired and here his passion from music came about.

In 1988, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts. There, he was introduced to Hip Hop, finding himself drawn to and collecting the music of 90s greats like EPMD, Run DMC, Public Enemy, and KRS One. The obvious next step-getting his first set of turntables and learning the art of DJing. Day by day as his love of Hip Hop and DJ skills grew, he started creating mixed tapes thereby increasing his popularity. It was during this time that friends started calling him Hike and, hence DJ Hike was born.

While initially not drawn to dance music, in October of 1994 that was about to change. It was at Club Oxygen in Saugus, Massachusetts that he heard something different from the commercial pop he was familiar with. There was a different beat, different breaks. It was a different kind of energy. Uplifting rifts, strong bass lines, highs and lows combined with dark lyrics made him run to the DJ booth for the name of the song. Faithless’s Insomnia changed him forever.

After that night, he found himself becoming a regular at Boston Beat, Satellite Records, Newbury Comics and other record stores. After spending some time experimenting with the different styles and facets of EDM he found his passion in Trance. He quickly emerged as a Boston Trance DJ favorite, playing in such venues as Roxy, Karma, Axis and other clubs throughout New England. As his fan base and skill set grew it was during these years that he would again shift gears and venture into music engineering arena. It was during his time at Massachusetts Communications College that he took the airwaves and captured the hearts of many with his explosive rhythms, hard beats and uplifting melodies. His show there quickly went up in the charts to become the number one college radio show at MCC. After graduation, he continued to entertain and capture more fans not only through the college show, but local radio stations WMWM 91.7 FM and many live streams on the internet radio.

It’s now been over a decade since he heard that first song in the club that would change his life. DJ Hike is now living in Los Angeles, California. He continues to be inspired by such greats as Armin Van Buren, but has now also expanded his likes and library to include international dance music with a strong emphasis on Armenian, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Persian and Russian. It’s this diversity, his unyielding passion for EDM and his desire to share his talents with the world that make this artist one to keep an eye on.

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