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Hayk Kasparov

Hayk Kasparov

I was born in Yerevan and grew up there too.

More than 10 years I played football and was acknowledged as the best goalkeeper of the republic among the young teams (my brother- Gevork Kasparov, the goalkeeper of football combined team of Armenia)

Since 2007 I began to prepare myself to my appearance on the professional scene as a singer. I studied vocal and wrote songs in Armenian folk songs style.

In the summer 2008 the first video clip (song “Always smile”) appeared on the central TV-channel in Armenia.
In the beginning of September I got to the national top10 according to the first channel of Armenia (h1) and to the hit-parade “Accord” of the second channel (h2)
On the 26th of September in Moscow during “Fashion Day” in “Lota plaza”
there was the premiere of the song “Ser im”, the author of it was me.
There were some Russian music stars among the guests.

Concert activity:
On the 25th of October (2008) in Australia in the Sydney city.
On the 9th of November (2008) in Podolsk not far from Moscow.
On the 24th of December (2008) in St. Petersburgh.
On the 14th of May (2009) in Moscow/
On the 16th of June (2009) in Iran in the Tabiz city.
On the 1st of October (2009) in London
On the 5th of September (2009) in Podolsk

In December (2008) in Yerevan I got an award “The Golden Lira” as the “Song of the year” from the radio “VAN”
In February (2009) I was nominated for the national music award in the nomination “Discovery of the year”

On the 14th of February (2009) – the participant of “Eurovision 2009” from Armenia.

On the 28th of February (2009) in Yerevan I got a prize for his contribution to the friendship between the nations and took part in international youth fest.

On the 5th of April in Moscow on the scene of the Cinema House there was the concert “Dance Cross” on the scene of the Cinema House where I took part too

In the beginning of May there was the premiere of my new klip “My Love”( Ser Im) which was the leader of many tops of different Armenian tv-channels

On the 14th of May there was a concert and presentation for journalists, VIP-guests and Russian stars in Moscow

In the beginning of August a new video clip “Havata” (Believe) appeared on TV and in many hit-parades

Since the 25th of October (2009) and during three months I was taking part in the famous TV-show on the 1st Channel of Armenia – “2 astx” (2 stars)

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