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Guy Manoukian

Guy Manoukian

Guy Manoukian

The information below was taken from Guy’s Bio.

Musician, composer, pianist

Guy Manoukian (Arabic: غي مانوكيان, Armenian: Կի Մանուկեան) is a Lebanese-Armenian musician, composer and pianist. He is a university graduate in law. He’s a rising star in the East that intends to shine all over the world.

Guy Manoukian started to play piano at the age of four, when he started studying classical music. He first appeared on T.V at the age of 6; he played for president Amin El Gmayel at the age of 7 at the presidential Palace.

He started composing at the age of 8, when he won his first competition.

He stated preforming professional concerts in 1997, where he played at the Jeita gratto followed by to sold out concerts at the UNESCO palace.

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