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The information below was taken from Gabriel’s Bio

Growing up in Bayside Queens, NY, from the early age of 8 years old I found great passion in showing my ability to perform on stage. Raised in a family of singers and musicians I always have had music pumping in my blood and knew I would eventually pursue the Industry.

My first performance was in a club in Queens NY called Avanti night club. I remember the show like it was yesterday, the place held about a 350 people. My friends & I played as my own street team and packed the place with over 600 heads. The owner at the time Bob Goodrich which is one of the largest NYC club owners and promoters announced my name in great amazement.  My hit song “King without a Queen” immediately established great recognition in the NYC area.

After performing in venues such as the Taj-Mahal Atlantic City, to the renowned Elbow Room in NYC & touring with my superstar brother Robert Chilinguirian and many other successful acts, my father & peers in the music industry advised me to get an education first, you know as they say “TO FALL BACK ON”.

As lame as it sounds, it’s true. You must get an education first, than follow your dreams. So I took a break from the music industry & did exactly that, I attended NYIT school of Architecture in Old Westbury and studied in Italy and completed my 5 year Bachelors of Architecture.  Owning a successful firm now it was time for the return of Gabriel. It fell right into place and felt so right. OUT OF SIGHT & SAD EYES are songs which have always been favorites of mine. So I went into the Chiling Factory in L.A. and laid them down in less than two weeks, had a photo shoot with my good friend Dan Doyle, & here we are, back again for one more round.

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