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DATE OF BIRTH April 12,1984
PLACE OF BIRTH Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.


1990-2000 Yerevan High School 19 after Nicole Aghbalyan
1990-1997 Yerevan Musical School after Sayat – Nova
1998-2007 ,,Emmy B” Producer Center, Vocal Studio Student
2000-2003 Yerevan State Conservatoire after Komitas – Jazz-Vocal Department

LANGUAGES Armenian, English, Russian

CURRENT LOCATION Yerevan, Republic of Armenia


1993 First Recording and Video-Shooting of the “Hayastan” song in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

1993 ,,Russia” The Great Concert Hall, Moscow, Russian Federation, Armenia’s Cultural Days of Armenia, presented “Hayastan” song

1994 ,,Asup”Armenian Song Competition – Best Singer
Award for the Song “Funny Rain”,Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

1994-2000 World Tour with “Hayer” music group (CI S countries, USA, Lebanon, Syria)

1994-2000 Participation in a number of TV and Radio Shows

1994 Participation in the Annual Concert in Kremlin Hall, Kremlin, Moscow, Russian Federation

1995 ,,Basra Sham” International Song Festival, Syria, First Prize Winner

1998-2000 ,,Do-re- mi” Armenian Music Competition Hostess

1998-2007 Cooperation with the “Hayer” Music Group

1998 The Great Concert Hall “Russia”, Moscow, Russian Federation. Duets with the Greatest Stars of Russian Federation and CIS countries in the Gala-Concert “Star & Mlad”
Presentation of the Song “Snow Whispers”
1998-1999 American Tour (USA)

1999 “Morning Star” I International Competition, Cyprus, I Prize (“Missing”, “Your Destiny”)

2000 Special Guest Star of the “S.Stars” Young Singers’ International Competition,
Saint -Petersburg. Presentation of the “Missing” (Music by R.Amirkhanyan, Lyrics by G.Bandouryan) and the “Love Takes Everything With” (Music and Lyrics by V. Aghanyants)

2000 ,, Brest” Patriotic Song International Festival, Award Winner

2000 ,,Star” International Festival, Odessa, Ukraine, I Prize Winner, Best Singer

2000 ,,Zlatni Pestsi” II International Competition, Bulgaria, Grand-Prix

2000 Robert Amirkhanyan’s Hommage Concert “Missing” and “The Night Song”
Songs Presentation, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

2001 ,, Krunk” Panarmenian Music Awards, Best Female Singer,
Yerevan, Armenia.

2001 “Art 13” Hit-Parade, Best Female Singer (for the song “Where The Day Is”
(Music and Lyrics by G. Hambardzoumyan), Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

2001 ,, Do-re-mi ” International I Competition, First Prize Shared with the “Hayer”
group, Armenia.

2001 ,, Zlatni Pestsi ‘’International III Competition, Varna, Bulgaria, Grand-Prix for
the Song “My Baby” (Music and Lyrics by Hayko)

2001 Tallinn International X Competition, First Prize and Award Winner, Tallinn,

2002 ,, Morning Star” Russian Public Television ( “ORT” or “Channel 1 Russia”) Music Program Award and Competition Winner, Moscow, Russian Federation

2002 ,, Morning Star” Russia Public Television (“ORT” or “Channel 1 Russia”) Music Program Competition Superfinalist, Moscow, Russian Federation

2002 “Public Television Company of Armenia” (First Channel), National Music Television (NMT) (With Satellite Broadcasting) “Spring Hit-Parade”, 4 Weeks on he
Top of the Hit-Parade with the song “To You, My Love”, Armenia
& Armenian World Diaspora

2002 ,, Berliner Perle” International Competition, Berlin, Germany, Grand-
Prix (Shared with “Hayer” Group)

2002 Emmy and ,, Hayer” group by the Young Singers International
Festivals Organizing Moscow Agency invited to the
Reception “Young Ambassadors for Peace and Friendship – Dialogue of
The Civilizations”, held in The White House of the Government of the Russian
Federation, and were Awarded for the Contribution to the Development
of Cultural Relations Between the Young People of Different Nations,
Kremlin, Moscow, Russian Federation

2002 ,, To You, My Love” (“Kez Im Ser”), Golden Single, Armenia.

2002 ,, Armenian Hit” Projekt, Annual Musik Award Ceremony, “100% Hit”
Award Winner, Holder of the ,, Golden Disk ” for the single
,, To You, My Love” Armenia.

1993-2003 Participation in Various TV & Radio Shows, Concerts and Governmental
Receptions and Events

2003 ,, New Wave ” International Top Singers’ festival, “Dzintari ” Concert
Hall, (The Festival explores the Young Stars of Russia, CIS countries, UK, Scandinavian countries, Israel etc. It is organized by famous Composers and Producers Raymond Pauls and Igor Kroutoy.
In 2003 more than 25.000 viewers were present Daily at the
Four- Day Mega – Concert, Emmy’s Music Team Was Supported by
The President of the Republic of Armenia, H.E. Robert S. Kocharyan),
Emmy was the First Two Days Absolute Leader Award Winner.

2003 ,, The Best Female Singer” Nomination Winner, 05.08.2003, “Novoe
Vremya” Magazine (“New Time”) Moscow, Russian Federation

2003 Germany, Berlin. Invitation from MTV-Berlin, solo concert with
,, Hayer” Group.

2003 ,, Krunk” Panarmenian Music Awards, with “Hayer” Group-
,, The Best Pop Group of the Year”.

2003 International Competition, “New Wave”, soloist, Yurmala, Latvia

2003 Laureate of the “Krunk” Republican Competition

2003 “National Music Awards” with “Hayer” group – “The Best Pop
Group of the Year”

2004 Berlin, Germany. Invitation from MTV- Berlin, solo concert with
“Hayer” group

2004 International Competition “New Wave” with “Hayer” group,
Yurmala, Latvia

2004 Moscow, Russian Federation, October – participation in TV-show “Wide
Frame” with Aram Khachatryan’s “Sabre Dance” and V. Reznikov’s “Icicle”

2004 Tbilisi, Georgia – International competition of pop-song ,, Golden Rose’’–
The III prize

2004 Moscow, Russian Federation. Solo concert with Leonid Agutin and All Di Meola

2004 International Television Company “Mir”, the program “Hit – express”,
Interview “On the roof with Alisa Selezniova”

2004 International Television Company “Mir”, the program “Hit songs”
“Why and How” – the best video

2005 Prague, Chezh Republic – International Olympics “Meeting in Europe -2005”
/Grand Prix/

2005 Moscow, Russian Federation – Concert with Russian singers “Yerevan-Moscow- Transit”

2005 Berlin, Germany – August – October – Recording of the CD in “Yontown Media
Company of Arts” with “Hayer” group

2005 Russian Federation, September. Participation in Author party of the poetess
L. Gavryushina

2005 International Television Company “Mir”, the program “Hit – express” interview “On the roof with Alisa Selezniova” with “Hayer” group

2005 Germany, October – Concerts in Berlin and Frankfurt with the help of
The Armenian community, with “Hayer” group

2005 Republican Competition “Krunk” – “The Best Female Singer of the Year”

2005 “Golden Lira” Armenian Song Contest – “One minute”/ music by Hayko,
Lyrics by G. Qeosayan/ – “The Best Hit of the Year”

2005 ” National Music Awards” – “The Best Work Abroad”

2005 “National Music Awards” with “Hayer” group – “The Best Pop
Group of the Year”

2006 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, February – Solo Concert and First CD Presentation

2006 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, February – Participation in the party of famous American producer, musician, singer and artist Germean Jackson with “Hayer” group

2006 Moscow, Russian Federation, March – Participation in TV-show dedicated to the 30-year jubilee of the “Wide Frame” with “Hayer” group

2006 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, July – Solo concert with “Hayer” group in A.Khachatryan Grand Concert Hall.

2006 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, “National Music Awards” with “Hayer” group –
“The Best Pop Group of the Year”

2006 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, “National Music Awards” – “The Best Female Singer of the Year”.

2007 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, February – Participation in the “National Selection of the Eurovision Song Contest”

2007 “Stars on Stage”, (First Channel, Public TV Company of Armenia) – III Prize

2007 Tbilissi, Georgia, International Competition of Pop-song (National TV)
Grand Prix

2007 Solo concerts in Syria and Ekaterinburg /Russian Federation/ with “Hayer” group

2007 Berlin, Germany, October – Presentation and release of I CD in “Yontown
Media Company of Arts” with “Hayer” group

In general Emmy took part in a huge number of television shows and concerts organized by Public Television Company of Armenia (First Channel) and all other TV Companies in Armenia like “New Year concerts”, different festivals and governmental concerts…

Mother – Nadezhda Sargsyan – singer, producer.
Father – Davit Bejanyan – sculptor, jazz- pianist.

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