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Eileen Khatchadourian

Eileen Khatchadourian on Armenian Pulse

Eileen Khatchadourian

Eileen Khatchadourian, born on 07-20-1978 in Beirut from an Armenian-Lebanese family. Grew up among the sounds of a piano, as her grandmother, father and aunt were all players, licensed from the conservatory of Rome. Which clearly justifies her love of music and classical operas as well as traditional Armenian music and songs.

In 1984 she was learning to play the piano and to sing along, and in 1986, she started performing in schools and plays.
Her curiosity and interest in other cultures’ music led her to learn African singing in the Ivory Coast where she spent months.

Eileen Khatchadourian is the first Armenian-Lebanese rock singer who performs in Armenian.

She started her professional public career by performing LIVE in 1996 in duet, with the Canadian singer Mario Pelchat, at the age of 18, she won the “Celine Dion” singing part out of more then 200 candidates! A year after, in 1997, she recorded her first single “Lamma”, oriental jazz, an EMC production.

In 1997, Eileen met with Guy Manoukian, the famous pianist, who asked her to join him as his solist singer. One of her biggest performances with Guy Manoukian in 1999 was at the UNESCO Palace, Lebanon, a Christmas concert attended by 5000 people. They also performed many times at the Assembly Hall, American University of Beirut, and appeared in many other events, in Beirut, and many other Arab countries.

In 2000-2001 she performed in a Swiss-Lebanese production play, ”Sindbad de pere en fils” a play by Paul Matar, directed by Patrick Mohr, she sang in Arabic, and they toured in Lebanon, Geneva and Paris. The play was a success and her voice touched even the ones who are not familiar with the Arabic language.

Between 2000 and 2005 she specialized in Armenian traditional singing, and attended the Roy Hart theater program, in Paris, which shows how to explore your real voice. She recorded her first album ‘Abaka’, in French, with a touch of Armenian influence, with ENZO production in Paris. The CD ‘s launching got interrupted because of the war in Lebanon. ‘Abaka’ is under construction.

She was invited to sing in Armenian at the Martyr’s square during the reforms and sad events that took place in Lebanon, in April 2005, where she performed among many Lebanese well-known artists.

May 2005, Eileen performed in a live concert with Ziad Al Ahmadiye, the famous Lebanese ‘Oud’ player and singer, which led her to experience for the first time the Arabic traditional singing.

During Lebanon’s war in 2006, Eileen had to move to Dubai, where she got noticed, and in March 2007, she performed LIVE at the Charity Ball for Lebanon’s children of war the French part of the song, and it was a huge success. The CD was recorded and available for the audience.

It’s been years that Eileen was planning on recording an album of old traditional Armenian songs, accessible to the young generation and the non-Armenians.

The recording sessions of “midan”, an exquisite mixture of Armenian traditional songs and alternative rock started in august 2007 , in Beirut, at Philip Tohme’s studio, and the mastering was done by Geoff Pesche at the Abbey road studios,in London, in November 2008.

IN December 2009, “Midan” Won the “Best Rock Album” at the Armenian Music Awards, Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

“Midan” was Eileen’s first album, when all the other nominees in the same category were at their 2 or 3 album.In April 2010, Eileen launched her music video “Zartir Vortyag” , which was totally banned in Lebanon….

Her flexible, expressive and intense voice goes from mezzo-soprano to alto allowing her to sing different styles, from Jazz to Blues to traditional Armenian, to Oriental, to French and of course Rock!

Her voice is known to move people’s feelings as she sings and this is one of the major reasons why Eileen became known, requested and loved by her audience.

She confessed in one of her interviews in Al Nahar “when I am on stage, I feel home ….”

Echoes and years of experimenting music and voices have proved her to be worthy of the calling ‘artist’, revealing the power of words unknown and strange sounds, reviving emotions as her voice flirts with music to create an experience worth witnessing.

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