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The band was created in 2008 in Yerevan….It was found by two very famous musicians – bassist Vardan Grigoryan and guitarist Heno Grigoryan, who both played in the legendary in Transcaucasia MDP band from 1994 to 2007.

In December 2007 a young and charming vocalist Zara, who was totally unknown to the music sphere, joined Vardan and Heno. Soon after that, on January 3, 2008, Derik Vardumyan, who is a famous musician and drummer in the metal sphere of Armenia, teamed up with them.

The first private concert of the band took place on January 5, 2008, in the small hall of the Yerevan State Puppet Theatre in front of an audience of just friends, musicians and journalists. It turned out to be something impressive indeed, something rather unexpected. And this was Dogma’s triumphal start.

After two sold-out concerts, private concerts in their studio and 7 well-received festival appearances (also as organizators) and active public engagement during a year, in the beginning of 2009 the band celebrated its 1st anniversary and started the studio work on the debut album, which was unleashed in December 2009 with the unordinary title “Ethnic-Methnic” to more closely depict what is inside.



It was October, if I’m not mistaken, I was in the studio working on one of the «masterpieces» of the Armenian rock, when a charming, original, a bit strange and tiny girl appeared on the threshold. She wanted to present her pieces and get recorded… She sang a song… read her lyrics… and everything was clear to me… I found what I’d been searching for many years… beautiul voice, pure Armenian way of thinking, healthy logic… in a word – she was our type… Zara became the treasure of our band…

During the same period one of the best metal bands in Armenia breaks down. I knew their drummer Derik for a long time, and liked him both as a musician and as a human, who has an immense sense of humor, and, something more improtant for us, has a good command of Armenian spiritual and folk music. As a matter of fact, I offered Derik to join our newly created band. The offer was accepted.

Heno… A guitarist who doesn’t resemble anyone… we’ve been playing, thinking, creating together for over 15 years… I guess it says everything…
Vardan Grigoryan


We consider Dogma’s birth rather fatalistic, or God’s Will in favor of music, which is the most important and unexplainable thing ever been created and being created by the humanity.
Music is ahead of everything – DOGMA

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