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Beno Blanko

Benny Blanko

Benny Blanko

The Information below was taken from Benny’s Bio

BENO a.k.a BENJAMIN ART a.k.a BENNY BLANKO was raised a child prodigy. He is the man who does it all! Literally! He is involved in every aspect of the entertainment industry. He is a producer, actor, choreographer, director, writer, DP and comedian among other things. As he notes: “God gave me many talents, I’m just using them.” Blanko started off at a very early age, 3 to be exact. He began playing percussion at the age of three and as it grew on him, he began teaching himself to play almost every instrument he could get his hands on. Blanko performed for the first time when he was 5 years old at his school talent show and that is where he realized his talents and knew what he was going to become. From the age of 11, Blanko surrounded himself around entertainment and production where he taught himself to edit, direct, film, etc. He persevered through it all and eventually became a very well known and highly admired celebrity in the Armenian industry worldwide; performing in over 100 plays, shows, and T.V programs. Blanko also got the opportunity to perform in Holland, Amsterdam, and in his home country, Armenia, in front of 14,000 people. But that was not enough for this talented personality! Blanko burst onto the music production scene in 2004 with three years of prior production experience and still continues expanding his successful production enterprise. Blanko’s exceptional talent, personality, expertise, and successful work ethics has enabled him to produce, manage, and collaborate on a variety of projects, with a number of upcoming and established R&B and Hip- Hop artists. For example, Blanko just finished the production of a single, featuring Katt Williams (Money Mike) Snoop Dogg, and LIL Wayne called “Mind Right.” from the album “Its Pimpin, Pimpin.” which will be released soon. Blanko has worked on numerous records featuring Snoop Dogg, Paul Wall, Sugar Free, Mike Jones, Lyfe Jennings, Da Brat, Lady of Rage, Lil John and more. Moreover, Blanko has recently appeared side-by-side with Grammy winning artist Macy Gray on Lifetime’s “Karaoke Superstars,” earning his title as a “legendary Hollywood producer.” His credits and accomplishments have been recognized by many artists who have visited the studio, such as Da Brat (So So Def), Katt Williams, Jurmain Dupri, Special Ed (103.5 the beat), Lyfe Jennings (Columbia Records), Gorrilla Black, The Lady of Rage, Deray, Mikey Day, Rick Rock, Red Grant, Divante (JODECI), TONYTONYTONY, Lil Kim, E-40, Ray J, Lil Wayne, Nokturnal and many others. Benny Blanko strives to set a new trend of music where countless artists, who are looking to make those HITS have to stand in line and wait for their time to get a chance to work. Blanko just signed to a new private management company “Strictly Entertainment Management” and is currently in production on a pilot for his own sketch comedy/Late night show that will be shopped to major networks. As we speak, He is also in production on numerous music videos and commercials. Blanko finds inspiration in a wide variety of music. Although he is well known and recognized as a Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B producer, he is also passionate and dedicated to producing psychedelic beats that provoke the mind such as Electro, House, Trance. He is capable of targeting a wide variety of genres from bi-coastal Rap, to Pop, R&B, World, House, Trance, and Drum & Bass, yet he is always believed to pump out the CLUB BANGERS with no problem. Blanko has a remarkable talent for being fresh and current and OUTSIDE THE BOX mentality while remaining true to his unique musical style and taste. His keen sense of sound selection and his delivery has earned him praise from thousands of fans, critics, and peers. Countless other artists have named Blanko as a direct influence on their music and careers. He is an inspirational producer and artist who sets his own incomparable standards and successfully accomplishes what most believe to be impossible at times. As he states: “I don’t believe in the word CANT. I go full force. I try not to listen to negative close minded people, and When people come up to me in public and congratulate me, it just gives more strength and reminds me to keep pushing even harder. I feel that people appreciate what I do, so it makes me stronger. All I’m doing is showing the world what I can do, its up to them to either LOVE it or HATE it”. It looks like people come to this man for setting trends. In the coming years, Benny is also planing on opening up a restaurant, a club, and releasing 2 feature films. Blanko also has a TV show airing on ARTN network everyday called “IMPROV SHOW”. Benny Blanko is well on his way to stardom and there is no denying what he has and will contribute to the world of entertainment. This man does it all and does it OHH SO WELL!

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