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Artash Asatryan

Artash Asatryan

Artash Asatryan

Artash Asatryan is the youngest son of the Legend Aram Asatrian. Artash sings in the genres of traditional, Soft Rabiz and Pop.

Born December 13, 1976 in Echmiadzin. Artash inherited from his grandparents, from his fathers voice, the ability to sing and love the song. At 12 years old, Artash Asatryan began singing with his father, traveled with him on tour,
participated in many concerts, and studio recordings.

In 1998, Artash released his first CD titled “Taxi Taxi”. This CD became a huge hit and Artash got eh praise of the love of the youth. In the same year the family moved to the United States. Father and son continued to do concerts, taking part in many charity shows.

In 2006 Artash and his family returned to their homeland and now live in the city where he was born – Echmiadzin.

Artash Asatryan’s last CD which is called “Hayrik, Hayrenik” was released in 2007, It is dedicated to the holy memory of his late father, Aram Asatryan.

You can read more of Artash’s biography by visiting his website, Click Here