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Artak Sevada Grigorian



An award winning writer/producer/director, born in Armenia on July 23rd, 1972.

Studied violin, piano, woodwind instruments at the local music school. In 1990 emigrated to United States of America, where in 1997 graduated from CSUN University, majoring in Music Composition and Graphic Design. Has released 3 Compact discs of original music, titled “Palpitation of Soul” (1995), “Years of Solitude” (1998), “Disconnected” (2000), exclusively distributed by Garni Records (BMI).

In 1998 founded Sevada Productions,LLC. under which executed many multimedia and advertising projects for various artists, companies, creative firms, combining his knowledge in computer animation, flash web animation and programming, television commercials, infomercials, graphic design, professional photography and more.

In 2005 started the filming of the first of Sevada Film Trilogy called “Mikosh”, later to be concluded with the films “As a Beginning” and “The Rope”. Shot a short called “3 Colors in Black & White” a part of a full length film shot by 12 Armenian Directors dedicated to the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan.

CEO at EdgeArt Inc. an entertainment company in LA, specializing in Film Production & Distribution, Software Development under ePixArts LLC, eBook Publications under Menua Publications Ltd., Music Production & Distribution under YouTempo Music Group LLC, iGazan Digital Magasine for iPad, Mykosh LLC (Fashion Brand).

In Preproduction for a full length film “So Help You God”, a political thriller dedicated to the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

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