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Araz Dare

I, Araz Torosian, was born on January 14 in Tehran . I am the second child in my family. I began my first steps in composing when I was twelve years old. My younger brothers, Arin & Argamo, are musicians too. Arin is a drummer, and Argamo is a saxophone player and a talented composer. They live in the USA .

At the age of twelve, I took private musical classes with my first teacher, Hayk Abrahamyan, with whom I continued my education in the pop genre. Later, Hayk Abrahamyan became the guitar player for the band I created. As a teenager (from the age of 15), I was organizing different musical bands which performed Persian, Armenian and foreign pop music. In 1996, I created the “Unicorn” band with my friends and with the participation of the best Persian musicians. We held concerts at British, Brazilian and Canadian embassies. Also, there were invitations to perform at Armenian and Persian parties. In 1998, we had a concert in the hall of ship “Erram”, filled with 5000 people. Then we traveled around Europe and to several Arabian countries to perform. We performed a sold out concert at the Hotel Bozorg Azadi (Hite). The band was a great success, and we had lots of responses. I have been interested in arrangement and composition since my early years. My interest then turned into love. So, I decided to learn music theory and harmony in the Academy of Vardan Sahakyan.

I was a teacher at international kindergartens for about four years. The main purpose was to create love for music among children. After-wards, I entered Yerevan State Conservatory’s department of jazz-composition led by professor Martin Vardazaryan. During this period, I’ve composed lots of works and arrangements for Persian artists, advertisements and documentary films.

Today, I serve you, and I write to you from my heart.
Always yours