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Ararat Amadyan

Ararat Amadyan

Ararat Amadyan

The information below was taken from Ararat’s Bio.

As one of the most talented singers and entertainer in Armenian music industry, music sensation Ararat’s life time goal has been to serve his people through his powerful voice and captivating performance skills.

Born in Echmiadzin, Armenia, Ararat grew up in a musically talented family. Blessed with gifted parents who passed down their musical talents to all their children, Ararat began his career at the early age of 3. Joyfully entertaining family and friends with his singing, playing of the drums and performing at school, Ararat nurtured his natural talent by enrolling in a music school by the age of 8. There he took vocal classes, learned the violin and music literature. In 1989, at the age of 14, Ararat and his family sought a better life and ventured to the United States of America. He and his brothers furthered their love for music by forming a band, where he played the drums. At the age of 17, Ararat began his singing career when he provided the band with his powerful vocal talents. Since then, he has been successful at every endeavor! In 1994, he released his first CD Taknevadz Ser, and began touring across the United States and in Europe. With the release of a total of 5 CDs, Ararat continues to grow his popularity within the Armenian community.

You can experience Ararat’s captivating voice and share in his mesmerizing style of contemporary and traditional pop in one of his videos or concerts.

Ararat Amadyan has recently toured in Canada, Armenia and Australia, his last CD was released in 2007  totaling 7 studio albums.

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