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Aramik Moosakhanian

Aramik Moosakhanian

Aramik Moosakhanian

Aramik creates sparks with fiery Latin rhythms and cool jazz harmonies

A fresh mix of jazz and jazz-rock, blended with upbeat Spanish rhythms and  influenced by Armenian and Persian music is destined to ignite and delight  the senses.

Aramik ( Aram ) Moosakhanian brings a new edge to Canadian and world music with a sound that showcases the warm and rich melodies of acoustic guitars, bass and percussion to create wonderful jazz harmonies blended with an exotic blend of Armenian and Persian melodies. It is hard to sit still when Aram performs his upbeat, dance-oriented sound that is appealing to everyone, including other artists and musicians.

Aramik (Aram) Moosakhanian was born in 1967 in Southern Iran, in an Armenian family, and began studying and playing classical guitar at young age. In 2006, Aram released ‘Aha Ays Yesem’, an Armenian CD, nominated for
Alternative Album of the Year by the Armenian Music Awards. Aram followed ‘Aha Ays Yesem’ with the release of a Persian CD titled ‘Ghazaleh Nagofteh’ (Untold Poem) and a second Armenian CD ‘Aprogh Yeraz’ (Living Dream). His
recent release ‘Lost Melodies’ was awarded a CAC Music Award for best Instrumental CD and another award by Big Apple Music Awards. Besides being a successful solo recording artist, Aram also composes and produces music for
other musicians as well as for films and television.

Aram is invited to perform in Armenia, Brazil and Argentine and also will perform with Armenian artist TATA on July 9th in Toronto.

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