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Anahid Avanesian

Anahit Avanesian

Born in Tehran, Iran of Armenian descent, Anahid Avanesian has been recognized as a genuine comedic force on stage and on the small and big screens. Cutting her comedic chops in several years of sketch comedy for television, Avanesian is considered one of the top Armenian and Persian performers in Los Angeles and has recently received great reviews on stage playing the lead role of Tina in “I Don’t Need a Psychiatrist,” directed by Vahik Pirhamzei. She also played Linda in the Rafael Keri (Uncle Rafael) hit stage franchise of “Mez Lavutyan Chi Yekel,” “Rafael Keri Gandzere,” and “Rafael Keri Bartezeh.” She toured nationally with the trilogy.

Anahid was featured in the acclaimed Iranian film Surviving Paradise, and has worked with some of the most noted Iranian stage directors of our time. Avanesian has also played various roles and has written several episodes of “Richmond Comedy Club.” She speaks Italian, Persian, and Armenian.