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Posted by Pulse Administration on February 27, 2017
Vartan Taymazyan ft. Kamini – Tarela -Video Premiere

Vartan Taymazyan ft. Kamini – Tarela -Video Premiere

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Armenian pop star Vartan Taymazyan’s new single features a new flavor. Tarela is heavily influenced by far east Indian music. A mixture of Armenian dance rhythms and Indian pop influences. It also features the amazing vocals of India’s Kamini. Tarela is on heavy rotation on Armenian Pulse Radio and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Single available on iTunes…
Vartan Taymazyan feat. Kamini “Tarela”
Music Production: Beno Blanko 2010
Arrangements: Ashot Sargsyan (Shota)
Lyrics: Shavarsh Gevorkyan (Shavo)
Indian Lyrics: Aleena
Clarinet: Gokor Harutyunyan
Keyboards: Alik Markaryan
Bass Guitar: Vik Momjian
Recorded & Mixed: Araik Mg Mouradian
Directed & Edited: Galust Hakobyan
Model: Racheal Anne
Hairstyle & Make-Up: The Gypsy Bazaar

Karmagraphy Dance Entertainment
Make-Up: Armina Allure
Hayastan Cultural Center

Booking Information +1818-272-7474
Social Media Manager: Armen Asryan
Viber/Mobile +37477393921

Special Thanks:
9120 Media
The Mirage Banquets
Metropol Banquets
Bella Blanca Banquets

Official Pages:…………

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