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Posted by Pulse Administration on April 26, 2015
Kim Kardashian – Armenian Genocide Victims Should Never Be Forgotten

Kim Kardashian – Armenian Genocide Victims Should Never Be Forgotten

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By Kim Kardashian

When we grew up, all my father did was talk about our heritage.

It was such a big part of our life: We’d eat Armenian food, we would listen to stories—my dad was really outspoken about our history. We were told that when a lot of Armenians moved, they took the “ian” off their last names in fear that they would be killed. “Whatever you girls do, never change your last name—it’s Kardashian,” he would say. He was very vocal and wanted us to never to forget where we came from.

Robert Kardashian

My great-great-grandparents came from Armenia to Los Angeles in 1914, right before the genocide happened. We have no existing family left in Armenia. Had they not escaped, we wouldn’t be here. There are so many people who lost their families, and the stories of how they were killed are so heartbreaking—they should never be forgotten. The whole point of remembering the genocide is to make sure it doesn’t happen again. A million-and-a-half people were brutally massacred, and a country can just pretend like it never happened? I don’t think that’s right.

My family wanted to go back to Armenia for the longest time. My dad would have loved to go. My grandparents would have loved to go. My great-grandparents would have loved to go. None of them were able to go.


My sister Khloé, my daughter North, and my husband Kanye West finally went to Armenia this month. So many people have come to me and said, “I had no idea there was a genocide.” There aren’t that many Armenians in this business. We have this spotlight to bring attention to it, so why would we just sit back?

Now is the time to speak out, and every little bit helps. I will continue to ask the questions and fight for the genocide to be recognized for what it was.

I would like President Obama to use the word “genocide.” It’s very disappointing he hasn’t used it as President. We thought it was going to happen this year. I feel like we’re close—but we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

Khloe Kim Kardashian Armenia

It’s time for Turkey to recognize it. It’s not the fault of the people who live there now; it was 100 years ago on Friday. I think if they recognize it and acknowledge it, everyone can move on. I believe in moving on and looking toward a brighter future, but you can’t move on unless you acknowledge the past. To not do so is an act of disrespect.

There’s a purple centennial pin that everyone wears to commemorate the genocide. Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan gave me his when I met him. Purple is my daughter’s favorite color, so she wants to wear it every single day. When she gets older, I will explain to her the real meaning behind it. I’m half-Armenian, but I grew up with a such a strong sense of my Armenian identity, and I want my daughter to have the same.

My great-great-grandparents were so brave to move their whole family. I’ll honor them by passing their memory down to my daughter.

Kim Kardashian Armenia Visit

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43 Responses to “Kim Kardashian – Armenian Genocide Victims Should Never Be Forgotten”

  1. Well done Kim your dad will be proud of you all !!!!!! xx 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Boghossian says:

    Kim And Kardashian Family.
    We are honored that you are so outspoken about your ancestors. I remember your father… Great lawyer and a perfect Armenian.
    Thank you from the bottom of hearts that you are spreading the awareness about Armenian Genocide.We love you Very much.And yes Thank you Kanye West for baptizing you adorable half Armenian baby girl North West in Armenian Church. We are so proud of you.

  3. Talin Kocharian Forsberg

  4. Sevan Banos says:

    Wauww so proud of her

  5. Lus Lus says:

    Bravo!!! Thanks Kim❤️

  6. Izla N. Arik says:

    I’m so happy that the Kardashian use their fame to let so many people know about the genocide 1915. my great grandmother was Armenian and we are Aramean/Assyrian. We share the same historical fact. Turkey should accept the fact as a genocide and apologised to all of us. Go Kim Go Khloe.

  7. Who is Big Bird (standing next to Kim)?

  8. Yer Ana says:

    God bless you and your family Kim Kardashian, you are a great person

  9. LoL, where were you before 2010?

  10. She did it for publicity

    • That was my initial thought but in doing so, probably educated millions of people. So it was win win.

    • It will create the awareness that this tragedy needs , but I guarantee she had no idea she even had roots there until her publicist told her..
      But at the end of he day it’s a good thing for awareness and getting shit straight there..
      Such a shame that things like this can still happen in 2015

    • It was a win win and all that matters is that she did educate millions and brought light for justice. And I respect her for that.

    • She needs more publicity? 😉 I’m surprised to say it, but I actually think it was genuine and selfless. She even baptized her daughter in an Armenian church.

    • Mary Shouf says:

      Yes, now ALL Armenian girls should get an African American man, because you KNOW how Armenian parents love them, and make a little sex tape, Kim did it, you know, the role model? The WHORE wore red to leave flowers, where is the respect, where was the black? No! It was ALL about her!

    • Yes it was about her,where was she last year and the year before that the only reason she went to Armenia was because of all the media coverage on the genocide . Watch next year you won’t even hear her doing anything like that again.

    • Mary Shouf says:

      She USED the genocide as self promotion, most Armenians do NOT know what a trifling piece of trash she is and just say abreese! If you told them what she did or sat around with the family on a Saturday night and watched her porno film, they might not like her so much. Mrs Clooney is doing it right, this whore wanted publicity and more revenue from her ANAMOT porno.

    • She probably got paid to go to Armenia

  11. Wow, this is the first time where there are positive comments on a Kim Kardashian story!

  12. Alltså ja dör!!!! Läs allt hon skrivit ! Kristina Khanu

  13. What a Great Service you guys Did for the Armenian Nation. Thank you so so much

  14. Kim Kardashian & family God love you all

  15. England France and Russia used Armenians as Turkish bate they deserved to die because they would have raped every woman and children Armenians are the scum of the earth

  16. I could honestly care less what that spoiled rich skank has to say.

  17. Amazing ….she deserves to be thanked many times over!

  18. Aida Yadegar says:

    That’s a good advertising for kardashian family

  19. Aida Yadegar says:

    That’s a new way to advertising

  20. Mary Shouf says:

    Khloebacca is NOT Armenian, she is the result of an affair but Robert accepted her anyhow. She had not ONE iota of Armenian in her.

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