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Posted by Pulse Administration on February 6, 2015
Kim Kardashian’s Ancestors Revealed

Kim Kardashian’s Ancestors Revealed

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The Armenian Genocide of 1915 has displaced the great nation throughout the globe, it was no different for the ancestors of Armenian-American reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her father Robert Kardashian’s side of the family. MailOnline has unearthed a treasure trove of images showing the reality TV star’s ethnic Armenian forebears.

Enjoy the showcase of the Kardashian Ancestor History:

Kim Kardashian Family Tree

The Kardashian family tree that traces back to two Molokan Armenian families

Kim Kardashian Armenian Ancestors

Kim Kardashian’s great great grandparents Hovhannes Miroyan (left, front row) and Luciag Chorbajian (second from left, front row) fled Armenia in the early 1900s with their daughter Vartanoosh Miroyan (second from right in back row)

Kim Kardashian Armenian Roots

Luciag (centre in front row) and Hovhannes took their daughter Vartanoosh Miroyan (first on the left in back row) to America, where their legacy has thrived

Kim Kardashian's History

Luciag’s (centre in a dark dress) daughter Vartanoosh Miroyan (left, front row) eventually gave birth to Helen Arakelian, whose own marriage joined two immigrant families who fled the same atrocity

Kim Kardashian's Armenian Family

By leaving their native Armenia, Vartanoosh (front, left), Arakel Arakelian (front, right) and their daughter Helen (second from right, back row) escaped the triple horror of the First World War from 1914-18, the ‘Armenian Genocide’ starting in 1915, exactly a century ago this year, and the Russian Revolution

Kim Kardashian's Father Robert Kardashian

Helen (left) and Arthur Kardashian (right) raised celebrity lawyer Robert Sr (top right), who went on to father reality TV stars Kourtney, Khloe, Robert Jr and most famous of all – Kim

Kim Kardashian's Grandparents

Helen and Arthur died in their adopted home of California in 2008 and 2012 respectively

Kim Kardashian Armenian Father Siblings

Robert Kardashian, the son of Arthur and Helen, fathered reality TV stars Kim, Khloe and Kourtney and Robert Jr before he died in 2003

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53 Responses to “Kim Kardashian’s Ancestors Revealed”

  1. Nunca se puede Olvidar, nuestra Sangre… Y nunca perder la Identidad…!!!

  2. Wow gives me a picture of what my Armenian family look like

  3. My Armenian great grandma got married at age 11 our named chaporian

  4. Sacco Nik says:

    Ohhh god. How sorried are we if we’re proud of this whore…..sigh. Please god make her go away.

    • nothing about this article is showing proud-ness, its a fact base post, nothing about how wonderful she is…

    • Sacco Nik says:

      You’re giving her publicity is the point. If I’m not proud of something, I don’t share it.

    • We understand where your coming from Sacco Nik but at the same time, We cater to our audience, it has nothing to do with what we believe personally, we are an Armenian Entertainment site which posts about Armenian Entertainers, good, bad, indifferent. No matter what people think of her personally, her history fascinates the majority of Armenians, this post is just that. I respect your opinion though….

      • Irene says:

        Maybe we should be less ashamed of people who we don’t actually know. And more ashamed of how disrespectful some men are to women.. I just don’t understand how some people have the nerve to call someone they don’t know such names.

  5. can we stop glorifying that whore?

  6. Niko Can says:

    But none of them are naked so she got that from her mom’s side. Just saying

  7. I’m agree with you sacco nik thank god he’s not alive to see this RIP Robert kardashian

  8. Sam Crow says:

    That’s beautiful from genocide survivors to lawyers to a porn start …. Wow …. It’s so sad

  9. Her dad is rolling in his grave!

  10. People are so rude! They are sharing their family tree. There’s no need to always bring this family down. If you are not a fan, don’t have anything nice but hater towards them, then don’t say anything. Not everyone’s perfect and no one said that they were.
    Can we all stop the hating in this world? Believe me it’d be a better place.

  11. Oh good, now I can sleep

  12. I just wish once in a while they would acknowledge theyre heritage.. & be proud to be Armenian!!

  13. If she doesn’t care about her own lineage, why should any of us?

  14. I think her mom made her be a whore

  15. Ani Sahakian Argin Regina Vandevorst Sahakian this is interesting..

  16. She looks so much better in the picture before all the plastic surgery

  17. Why are Bruce and his daughters in this Armenian tree

  18. Ca alors, ca grand mere est une arakelian comme moi..

  19. Miyayn kilistzi chellen…….

  20. Fernando Rico Cervantes

  21. Pierre Basmadjian Avo Matossian

  22. Kim ignore them .You are awesome

  23. Anboxch ashxari hayutyun petqe miansnq vorpiszi chanachel tanq mez ev mer paperi u naxapaperi ov linelu past@ petqe chanachen hayoc mec cexaspanutyun@ Exern@ vor katarvel e charagorcneri derqov 1915 tvakanin u minch ays or der chen datarum paterazmel xarabaxum adrbejanciner@

  24. Who cares? Enough already!

  25. Enough already! What a big deal!!!!!!!

  26. I’m am a proud Armenian!

  27. Irene says:

    This is very cool. It’s so interesting to see the family develop, from being normal individuals, to such big names.

  28. I feel sorry for her ancestors. Hollywood slut, where being a whore is applauded.

  29. Very Beautiful Photo. Shad Sirun Negare, Bonita.Bella.Bravo.

  30. Agreeing or not agreeing…also feel bad saying this, but the Kardashians are a total embarrassment to our people. How she became what the heck she became, was from a disgusting and degrading reason. Our people perished at the filthy hands of the Ottoman empire, and we have Kim trying to represent us? I’m sorry I’m not judgmental, but can we have someone that ppl can look up to? I think we should bring up the story using Robert Kardashian Sr. name, bcz he was someone to look up to. Our culture is so amazing, and ppl like her, are truly bringing it down. I don’t know what else to say. I hope I didn’t offend anyone…

  31. From such great courage, strength & determination to…….today’s version 🙁

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