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Posted by Pulse Administration on September 23, 2014
Sirusho LIVE IN CONCERT – Nokia Theater Los Angeles

Sirusho LIVE IN CONCERT – Nokia Theater Los Angeles

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Top Armenian pop singer Sirusho makes her Los Angeles concert debut this November!

Los Angeles Armenians are in for a real treat, one of the biggest Armenian stars of today is performing at the world famous Nokia Theater! On November 9th Sirusho will captivate her audience with her amazing vocal talent and showmanship! Performing all her hits, this is truly a night you don’t want to miss! Sirusho will be accompanied by a full LIVE band!

Presented by Stage 1 Production, this may well be the concert of the year!

Sirusho is by far the most popular Armenian artist, not only in Armenia but throughout the world. Sirusho has recorded 4 albums and introduced the Armenian pop and folk music in more than 30 countries around the world. Her song “Qele-Qele” was represented at Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. Sirusho has received multiple music and video awards and has amassed countless hits!

On November 9th, experience Sirusho at her best, On stage and LIVE!

For immediate purchasing of your tickets, please click on the link below

TICKETS > is the fastest way to get your tickets but you may also pick them up at any of the Stores below in the banner!

Sirusho Live at The Nokia Theater

Sirusho Live in Concert Nokia Theater


Don’t delay, purchase your tickets today!!!, please click on the link below


Sirusho Live at the Nokia Theater November 9th

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5 Responses to “Sirusho LIVE IN CONCERT – Nokia Theater Los Angeles”

  1. eseleeeem uzum et hamergiiin

  2. Vahe Tilbian says:

    Monika menag ches… bayc im otanav@ badrasd chibidi lini memchev es hamerg@ apsos!!

  3. Scott Maly says:

    Americans love Sirusho also. I’ve just discovered that I enjoy the Armenian singers and bands. I only accidentally came across the music channel on 63.6 KBEH in Los Angeles. I was immediately hooked on it! I do not speak or understand the Armenian language but I still enjoy the rhythm and videos. Maybe if I listen long enough I will start to understand some words?
    I always here the word Hayastan. Can someone explain? The performers I like the most are Sirusho, Christine Pepelyan, Silva Habokyan, Armenchik (very humble), Narine Dvotlyan and many of the younger performers are going to be mega superstars very soon, such as, Davita, Betty and all the Duetro kids are excellent. I especially like the Aravik Mayrikis video with the grieving mother who apparently lost her son in the war. I dont fully understand but it was very emotional. I have that song on my phone, as well as, Sirusho’s I Like It, Silva’s Don’t Apologize, Narine’s Al Ayloughs, the Guyner kids song I can’t translate and Christine’s live version of Oy, Oy, Oy. I love the audience participation, “A hoodia hody o hoodia” I know thats not how is spelled but that’s how it sounds to me. I dated a beautiful Armenian woman for over a year here in Los Angeles. She had 2 wonderful children aged 13 and 11. A very nice Mam Jan, and sweet Grandma. They were all very nice to me and welcomed me into their homes. I was crazy about that woman but she decided to move back to Armenia and broke my heart. I love the polite manner, culture and food of Armenia. (FYI, I purposely left out Lilit Hovanissyan because I think she is good but definitely over rated. She thinks she is sexier than she really is. She always talks about “shaking her money maker” She really doesn’t have one to shake. Seems to me she copies Beyonce and Shakira quite a bit.) Sorry so lengthy, I had alot to say. Hi Armenian people in Armenia and the population right here close to my home in Little Armenia. I love you folks. The Armenian women are THE Most Beautiful in the World! I especially love their noses and almost all ave long black or dark hair. (I am not into blonde haired ladies) Peace Out people.

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