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Posted by Pulse Administration on March 2, 2014
YANNI – Live in Concert – Nokia Theater September 19th

YANNI – Live in Concert – Nokia Theater September 19th

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Yanni, a true global artist will start his World Tour of 2014! Coming to Los Angeles on September 19 to the famed Nokia Theater! We are very excited to bring to our fans this great news!

YANNI World Tour 2014
Beginning in March 2014, YANNI will be taking his music on an extensive worldwide tour to over 20 countries! Cities to be visited include Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), London (UK), Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Odessa, Kiev (Ukraine), Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow (Russia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Minsk (Belarus), and an extensive tour throughout the USA and Canada. Further cities and dates are to be added!

To reserve your tickets, please click HERE

Yanni Live in Concert Nokia Theater LA Live



Yanni Live In Concert Nokia Live September 19

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80 Responses to “YANNI – Live in Concert – Nokia Theater September 19th”

  1. An Momdjian says:


  2. Thank you for sharing with us Sonia.

  3. Този Яни-велик е !

  4. Hasan Zoro says:

    جميل احب ياني

  5. Narineh khashaki says:

    I love their music and really want to go to their concert.

  6. Can i get one? I will fly to LA straight away from Australia…

  7. Because I love Armenian people.

  8. Ani Avagyan says:

    Because Yanni is the best!!

  9. His the Beast & there is Armenian in his band .

  10. Love Harmony says:

    Because he is an amazing musician, and my husband`s favorite. His music is very relaxing to listen to. We love him and his band.

  11. Arin Enjily says:

    Because he’s the one and only (y)

  12. Because Yanni’s music serves as a universal language for peace and love. When you first hear the notes of his first tantalizing melody, everything feels perfect and time seems eternal.

  13. Sarineh Vic says:

    Yanniii is the bestttttttt

  14. Berd Man says:

    His performance comes from his soul and all those feelings divert to audience

  15. Yanni is a talented musician. His concerts are unforgettable and very organized. I am very happy that there are talented musicians like him out there to make people forget about everything and enjoy pure music for couple of hours. And of course thanks to Armenian Pulse for this opportunity.

  16. I want to go Yanni’s concert because his music is Great and brings me lots of good memories.

  17. His music wakes up one’s soul… Always have been a fan! 🙂

  18. Because Yanni is an amazing musician with a talented band. His music and the rhythms awaken the soul. Everytime I listen to his music, I am in awe…what a truly passionate musician!!

  19. I would love to see him live because I’ve never been to any of his concerts ❤❤❤

  20. Mariam Ch says:

    Because I would like to take my mother who is the bigger fan to see him! She is a teacher who works with severely sick kids and has never taken a day to do something for herself. I know she would be over the moon to be able to go see Yanni whose music she loves so much!

  21. Yani chigides xi em uzum gnam? Yanni is the best

  22. Как бы мы жили без таких прекрасных лучей ЭТИХ ЗВЕЗД!!!ИДЕАЛЬНАЯ КРАСОТА!!

  23. We will make the announcement tomorrow (MONDAY)

  24. I would like to give the tickets to my lovely father as a gift he likes Yanni much

  25. Just want to enjoy the night with Yanni

  26. Because his music us very special, relaxing and I even feel like it’s a stress releave. I love Yanni. My favorite.

  27. Misak Khachatryan You have 24 hours to comment on this post to make it official! Congrats, you won 2 tickets, please comment on this post and contact us at with your mailing address!

  28. Hiii!! I’m soo happy! Thank you!! Sorry — i was tardy because i was campaigning to raise money for American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. I’m so grateful! I hope I made it in time

  29. I can’t believe it. This is super awesome!!! Thank you!!!

  30. Yes you made it Misak jan!! 🙂 We got your email and sent one back! Please reply to ours and enjoy the show!! And thank you for supporting Armenian Pulse!

  31. Love love love love yanni and piano <3 he is amazing and calms me down .

  32. Congratulations to Misak Khachatryan He just won 2 tickets to see Yanni on September 19th at Nokia Theater! More tickets to Yanni will be given away end of the week, stay tuned everyone!

  33. Yanni’s music has made an immense impact in my life as it has shaped how I think about the world that we live in. I was just 14 years old when I first listened to the song “The Mermaid” on tape and that ignited my love for Yanni’s music. Since then, I had to endure the loss of my grandparents who lived back in Iran and had other subsequent challenges and Yanni’s music became my constant companion which gave me comfort and support during times when I felt alone and emotionally withdrawn. Overall, Yanni has shaped who i am today. A peace loving humble person who values family, nature, animals and people regardless of their color, religion or gender. Yanni will always remain a special part of my life. So seeing him live would be quite an inspiration and life changing experience.

  34. Congratulations @Robert Asatar

  35. Yvette Ba says:

    So looking forward for Friday night , anxiously waiting <3

  36. Oh wow that’s amazing Harout jan. Totally didn’t expect it I swear. My words about Yanni came straight from my heart. His music has changed my life and every time I play his music on the piano, I realize how beautiful life is. Again thank you and I truly appreciate this gift.

  37. You’re very welcome Robert jan, congratulations! We have contacted you through private message about getting you the tickets. It is now reserved for you. Please respond so we may silencer them to you. Thank you again!

  38. I really want to go this concert.. Yanni is one of my favorite musicians. Congratulations..

  39. Good job dude, I know how much u like Yanni, so enjoy it…..

  40. Very well deserved Robert jan… I am
    So excited for u… I know u will
    B enjoying it to fullest!!

  41. My parents deserve this tickets! I woul love to surprise them!

  42. Yanni’s music is the personification of beauty and never fails to inspire and bring a smile to my face no matter how bad my day is.I am on holiday in Los Angeles and would love to win tickets for this evening. #armenianpulse

  43. Thank you everyone for your submissions! Congratulations Narine Isaghulyan you just won 2 tickets for tonight’s Yanni concert! We know you’ve been trying for a while, thank you for sharing it and posting about it all this time! Thanks for your support!

  44. I am a little confused… I looked through your terms of entry you must LIKE,SHARE and COMMENT ” share hashtag #armenianpulse ” as far as I can see FOUR people shared this and the winner was not one of the that shared ?? …. and nor did they hashtag #armenian pulse ?? can you see where the people #armenianpulse and shared please?

  45. Rich Edmonds says:

    I just missed entering the contest but only 4 people shared it and hashtagged it and the winner you have chosen didn’t share or hashtag it… is that fair?

  46. Rich Edmonds says:

    what a shame you didn’t abide by your rules!

    • Rich Edmonds, here is a screen grab of the ones who shared. As you can see the winner (in red highlight) has shared and the one complaining hasn’t! The shame lies in the person who didn’t abide by our rules, cause he had a great chance to win these tickets. So before you comment, please know your facts!

    • Rich Edmonds says:

      I cannot see what you have screen grabbed….here is what I see…it shows 4 shares and none of those are the winner that you declared….you said the complainer had a good chance. I think my facts show that he was a worthy winner….even using the hashtag which nobody else did…..those are the facts as I see them…..maybe you can find a way of getting an extra ticket to the person who technically won.

    • Rich Edmonds, I am communicating with Lester Freeman myself. It seams to be a privacy issue from Lesters page. It didn’t allow us to see his post, we have already given out the last 2 tickets, there is nothing else we can do. I’m sorry to say…

  47. Luke Sampson says:

    THE WINNER DID NOT SHARE as the rules specified!! What gives? I think you need to re-evaluate this.

  48. Dear Lester Freeman as you can see from this screen shot, the winner Narine Isaghulyan DID Share the post, in fact, We do NOT see that you have shared it. Hope this answers your concern!

  49. I can’t see how this happened ….I did share it

    • Dear Lester Freeman, I see on your photo that you did share, but unfortunately and I don’t know why this has happened, Its not showing up on my list as you can see from the screen grab and the photo i just took below. I even went to your page and the last post i saw from you was a picture of you at a theater. So because of this, you did not win. I don’t know why its not showing us but its not and we have made a decision to award Narine as that’s who we saw share. I’m sorry, i cant explain it. Its what we see, unfortunately for you.

    • Facebook has its very odd ways .. as I cannot see the winner sharing either…I think it is within privacy settings and it only shares with friends ….and it says you have to be friends !!! is there anything within your power to get me ONE single ticket for tonight show somehow please ?

    • Lester Freeman, I agree with you, it looks like a privacy issue, this page is not friends with any fan and none of the associated administrators of this page are friends with any of the sharers. It looks like you may have your settings on private which didn’t allow us to see your post. Unfortunately! We had a total of 24 tickets to give away and we have been giving them away weekly for 2 months now. This mornings post/contest was for our very last 2 tickets, as it was on the day of the event. So, I’m sorry to say, we don’t even have a single ticket to give out. Today’s winning ticket has already been delivered to the winner by our driver. I am very sorry Lester, We would have loved to make you happy if I could…

  50. My Facebook shows only 4 people shared it as you can see – I even shared and hash tagged

  51. Can u private message me please ???

  52. Dear Lester Freeman, I see on your photo that you did share, but unfortunately and I don’t know why this has happened, Its not showing up on my list as you can see from the screen grab and the photo i just took below. I even went to your page and the last post i saw from you was a picture of you at a theater. So because of this, you did not win. I don’t know why its not showing us but its not and we have made a decision to award Narine as that’s who we saw share. I’m sorry, i cant explain it. Its what we see, unfortunately for you.

  53. Woooow!!! I am so happy and excited to enjoy this unforgettable night. Thank you so much Armenian Pulse for this great opportunity. And I appologize to those peopl

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