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Posted by Pulse Administration on May 12, 2013
Ruben Hakhverdian LIVE – Ticket Giveaway Contest

Ruben Hakhverdian LIVE – Ticket Giveaway Contest

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We are excited to announce our 4th Concert giveaway contest! You and a lucky guest can win tickets to see this extraordinary Armenian artist!

Contest is easy, just LIKE and SHARE or LIKE and COMMENT this post to be entered for a chance to WIN 2 FREE tickets to this concert! You will be entered in a random drawing. Winner will be announced Wednesday May 15!

Congratulations to Alfred Davtyan won two tickets to Ruben Hakhverdian’s concert last night! Stay with us for more concert giveaways!

Alfred Davtyan won two tickets to Ruben Hakhverdian's concert last night! Stay with us for more concert giveaways!

for immediate tickets, please purchase them here >>> TICKETS TO RUBEN

Ruben Hakhverdian LIVE

A Benefit Concert!

Global Kids Foundation (GKF) a Charity Organization devoted to expanding opportunities, developing leadersips and building communities. GKF is engaged in a avid campaign to establish and expand the first of many Pioneer Palace Youth Centers in Southern California. As any Nonprofit Organization, we rely heavely on the generous donations and contribution of our supporters. In order to raise funds for the first Pioneer Palace Youth Center, Global Kids Foundation will be holding a Benefit Concert on May 19, 2013 at the First Church of Nazarene, Pasadena, CA.

The money raised from this function will be used to support the construction and development of the Pioneer Palace Youth Center. Many gifted and influential artists of our community have volunteered their time and talent in the support of this event. Among them are honorable Ruben Hakhverdian, Gevorg Movsisyan and Armine Hayrapetyan, who will be arriving from Armenia, and renowned artist from Belgium, Tigran Ter-Stepanyan.

There is nothing more rewarding for us than helping children create the bright future we all envision for them. For any additional information please visit our website at Should you have any further inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ruben Hakhverdian LIVE - Concert Giveaway

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11 Responses to “Ruben Hakhverdian LIVE – Ticket Giveaway Contest”

  1. Anna Seferian says:

    Ruben is a greatest singer

  2. Nemy says:

    Love him, i wish i could win!

  3. Maria Cozette says:

    ❤ Ruben Hakhverdian. A living legend

  4. Hrair Semerdjian says:


  5. HAGOP SAFOIAN says:


  6. Congratulations Alfred Jango Davtyan!

  7. Alfred Jango Davtyan says:

    Wow, I’am so surprised and honored to be the winner. I have always been a fan of Armenian Pulse and I appreciate all the hard work you guys do for us Armenians all around the world. Special thanks to the management of Armenian Pulse and Harout Kalandjian. Looking forward to this day ! Thanks again !

  8. thank you for your kind words and your continued support Alfred jan!Can you please send Harout a private message with your email so we can send you the tickets? thank you again and have fun!

  9. Sure I will .. Thanks again ))))

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