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Posted by Pulse Administration on November 20, 2012
Flora Martirosyan Beloved Armenian Singer Passes Away

Flora Martirosyan Beloved Armenian Singer Passes Away

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Beloved Legendary Armenian singer Flora Martirosyan passed away today in Los Angeles, California.

The renowned singer and People’s Artist of Armenia, Flora Martirosyan, 55, developed complications following a surgery, she recently cancelled a concert due to problems with her gall-bladder.

Flora Martirosyan, a native of Gyumri, graduate from the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory’s Vocal and Choral Conducting Department. During her artistic career Flora Martirosyan performed in more than 80 countries. She set up permanent residence in the United States in 1991, but remained attached to Armenia that she frequently visited and where she actively worked in the 1990s and 2000s.

In 2011, Flora Martirosyan initiated a series of “Never Again” concerts promoting genocide awareness and world peace. She planned to continue these concerts through 2015 – the year that marks the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

Flora Martirosyan is survived by her two children and husband. Our hearts go out to Mrs. Martirosyan’s family and of course the nation of Armenia. May God rest her soul!

Flora Martirosyan Passed Away

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20 Responses to “Flora Martirosyan Beloved Armenian Singer Passes Away”

  1. Nelan Charchyan says:

    Վայ ինչ ափսոս…..ինչքան եմ սիրում Ֆլոաին….

  2. Najia Naa-z Zaland says:

    R I P !

  3. Sara Hakopian says:

    I am speechless. Such big loss for Armenians. May her soul rest in peace :(((((

  4. Karine Rep says:

    Omg R. I. P.

  5. Eleonora says:

    Horrible news((((

  6. Marina Vardanian says:

    R.I.P … 🙁

  7. Sona Barumyan says:

    :'( mec korust mez hamar , zaynt kmna anspar darerov sharunak <3

  8. Lorans Gharibian says:

    apsos hazar apsos …………………..

  9. Rozik Avanesyan says:

    chem havadum….!!!!!

  10. Carmella Badalyan says:

    oh my God! SHE IS VERY YOUNG. VERY SAD, I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jaqline Nazari says:

    Xorin zavakzutyunners hay joxovrdin, menq vastakov u taxandashat yergchuhi korzrezinq. Astvaz hogin lusavori.

  12. Marina Chamlian says:

    So sad she was a legend

  13. Stella Hart says:


  14. steve says:

    I feel really sad for her but im little upset with her family that instead of doing lap band in united states top notch doctors for $16000 they made her go to mexico to do the lap band for $4000 which actually killed her. People do not go to mexico for medical reasons this can happen to you.

    • Levon says:

      Please don’t start/ignite an argument. we don’t know for sure what was the reason, no one is telling the exact cause of death.

    • elfrida marti says:

      are you out of your fuckin mind???!!! who told you she went to mexico?? and who told you it was from the lapband you incosiderate piece of shit it was SURGERY complications which means it was the doctors fault they practically murdered her on the table shut your mouths and leave my mother alone let her rest in peace comprende?????

  15. Anna Chilingaryan says:

    Anzugakan yergchuhi, andznavorutyun yev azgi patvavor zavak.
    Xorin cavakcutyunners hay joxovrdin yev masnavorapes Flora Martirosyani £ntaniqin.
    Astvac hogin lusavori.

  16. arshaluys says:

    hay joxovurte korzrez evs mek taxand, mer bolor zavakzutunere entanikin ev mez, astvas hogin lusavori

  17. armine says:

    apsos vor menq korcrinq mec tagandi ev lav mardu

  18. Gayane Harutyunyan says:

    Shat apsos inc mec koroes amboxj hay azgi hamar.Miayn dzjere cher na mer amboxj hay azgi Mayr tagoehin er.Amena glxavore bari ev hrashq hrashali iske tagoehi,te kecvacqov te artaqinov iske tagoehi.Mi xndranq Elfrida dzan sharoenaki qo Mayrikit kisat gorce.Nkati oenem erqe noeyn pes axjik dzan shat em xndroem,qez es lsel em te artaqind ev te dzaynd shat nman e qo maral mamayit.Erevi inqn el kcankanar vor doe lines sharoenakoxe shat em xndroem.Xore vshtov cavakcoem em mec koroest er.Or chka vor chnstem ev jamerov clsem cem kshtanoem lselov oe nayelov im marmarya maralis Florayis doe anmah es indz hamar kendani hishatakt Flora dzan.Actvac hogit loesavori amenorya axotqis medz xndroem em arqayoetyan bajin lines draxti hreshtakneric meke.Hisheq hrashq zavakner inch pes asoem er dzer tagoehi mamanAstcoec er vaxenoem marmine hogin hogin Araqoxin Astcoen.

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