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Posted by Pulse Administration on September 20, 2012
My Uncle Rafael Movie Review

My Uncle Rafael Movie Review

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By Harout Kalandjian

In today’s accelerated society, we tend to take many things for granted including our families and some of the most important elements life has to offer. In the new movie My Uncle Rafael, this message resonates throughout, bridging the gap between the traditional values of our past and the self-absorbed nature of modern society , My Uncle Rafael successfully delivers it’s main message of timeless love and honor against a backdrop of two very different cultures, which turn out in the end to be not so different at all because they’re made up of individuals with all the same hopes, dreams and needs.

My Uncle Rafael has already made history by being the very first American movie ever made to feature an Armenian lead character.

My Uncle Rafael MovieThe uncle in question is a 71 year old Armenian man so full of wit and charm, you have no choice but to fall in love with him. Rafael Sarkisian (convincingly played by a much younger Vahik Pirhamzei) is a humble man who can’t help but bring joy to the people around him.  Patrons to Rafael’s son’s cafe constantly seek his honest guidance and calm advice.

The story starts off on a chaotic morning at Hamo’s Cafe, where Uncle Rafael is calmly serving coffee and gems of wisdom. Michele (Rachel Blanchard), a desperate TV producer discovers Rafael’s (Pirhamzei) charm and obvious potential as a reality TV star and sees him as the perfect subject for her latest reality show. True to Uncle Rafael’s form, his loving heart eventually decides to save a broken and dysfunctional American family from falling apart. Cultures collide when Uncle Rafael is thrown into the Schumacher family household, where he has one week to use his candid temperament and tough love to get to the bottom of this family’s problems. The only rule: everyone must follow his rules.

What transpires next is 90 minutes of laugh out loud exchanges and scenarios, Uncle Rafael’s brutally honest, forthright yet mischievous personality combines to great effect with the many other colorful characters in the movie, and although it’s a family comedy, there are plenty of witty one liners only the adults will appreciate!

Missi PyleMy Uncle Rafael stars Missi Pyle (The Artist, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory), John Michael Higgins (Yes Man, TVs “Happily Divorced”), Anthony Clark (Yes, Dear), Joe Lo Truglio (Role Models), Rachel Blanchard (Road Trip), Carly Chaikin (Suburgatory), and Sage Ryan (Piranha) and introducing Vahik Pirhamzei who plays the dual roles of Uncle Rafael and his son Hamo (The movie is also co-written and co-produced by Pirhamzei). With several well known Hollywood actors in this film, the character interactions are seamless and very fun to watch, specially the scenes with Damon (John Michael Higgins) and Uncle Rafael (Vahik Pirhamzei)! Vahik Pirhamzei originally created the character of Uncle Rafael for his award winning and highly successful Armenian stage production, ‘Rafael Keri.’

As the saying in the movie goes, “Everyone needs an Uncle,” I would love to take this endearing and charming 71 year old Armenian out for coffee so I can absorb his wisdom and apply it to my own life. Directed by Marc Fusco, My Uncle Rafael is a heartwarming family comedy that is such a refreshing change from the endless barrage of  mindless “so-called comedy” movies we have all been subjected to in recent years. We recommend everyone to go and see it in its opening weekend.  This Indie film deserves the exposure of a wide scale theatrical run!

For more information on My Uncle Rafael and Showtimes, please visit

My Uncle Rafael Review Movie

My Uncle Rafael Movie Review

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16 Responses to “My Uncle Rafael Movie Review”

  1. Alex says:

    I’ve seen this movie and I absolutely agree with you Mr. Kalandjian.

  2. Nemy says:

    I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!

  3. it’s out today everyone, let’s make history!

  4. kr says:

    What a shock! An Armenian site giving an Armenian themed movie a 5/5 stars. So this means that this movie is on par with Citizen Cane, The Godfather, Double Indemnity, The Bridge on the River Kwai, etc?

    The next argument will surely be that this is a comedy, and can’t be compared to Citizen Cane. So the claim is that this movie is as good as Dr. Strangelove, Airplane, Modern Times? Give me a break.

    Objectivity is a good thing to have. Not everything Armenian is perfect.

    Also, before anyone flies into a blind rage, I am Armenian.

    • Mr. Kr, with over a dozen reviews published about ‘My Uncle Rafael,’ most of which is from main stream media such as The Los Angeles Times, you can clearly see it has gotten some mixed reviews, but most were positive. Being objective is relative to the reviewer, it doesn’t always account for taste. For example, some say Adam Sandler is the greatest actor in the world, would you agree with that? You are certainly entitled to your own opinion but what I gather from your post is you haven’t even seen this film yet, and if this is true, you really have no room to comment. We are not a review site but occasionally review worthy subjects and in the past, we have certainly givin out bad reviews, even though they were Armenian projects. So your assessment on how we review subjects is incorrect.

      Here is the link to the LA Times Review, I am 100% positive they are not an Armenian Publication,0,4483722.story

      In any case, thanks for your post…

      • kr says:

        I am glad you didn’t miss the point I was trying to make, which was that a 5-star review should maybe, just maybe, be saved for superior cinematic achievements, not a movie that’s just the best of out of the Armenian bunch.

        What most people seem to not realize is that you can have a positive review without a 5-star rating. What I have an issue with is that the Armenian community, in general, has a tendency to hold anything Armenian in very high regard, no matter what the quality.

        I’ll close with this though. I fully expected that my comment would be removed. But I appreciate that you left it up, and respect the fact that you took the time to respond.

        We all have opinions, that’s a given, I think; however, I think we as a community will gain more legitimacy and respect if our opinions were more in line with the realities of the world. Some constructive criticism can do a lot of good.

        This is much too long a discussion to be had on the Internet, as it branches off into other minor and major issues which hobble the community.

        • Mr. Kr, I understand what you’re saying as a 3rd party reader. I appreciate the point you are trying to make as well, but you seam to have missed my point and that is you are totally assuming my review was great just for the simple fact that this was an Armenian project. You’re assumption is way off! As I have stated in my previous post, we are not a review site, we are an Armenian Entertainment site which occasionally puts out personal reviews and opinion pieces on worthy Armenian Projects. I personally take into account all aspects of the projects I review, for example, budget of the film, accessibility to Hollywood, and many more aspects that a normal person will not even think about. Do you understand that this film was made in 18 days with a shoe string budget? Do you understand that never before in the history of Hollywood movies has there ever been a lead Armenian character? What these creators, writers, producers, and actors have accomplished here was no easy task. In my opinion, those facts alone deserve 5 stars for effort! But on top of that, the movie itself was a very funny, well written, well acted, very entertaining movie. In MY OPINION, I gave it 5 stars, I am not comparing it to other movies, we are not a critic site. So, with that said, i hope you understand our position. I would still love to know if you have seen this movie, because I’m not too convinced of your agenda, it’s kind of out of nowhere…

          And yes, we don’t censor our readers unless the post is hateful, thank you or appreciating that!

          With kind regards

          Harout Kalandjian

  5. Anush says:

    please give a some link where i can watch full movie

  6. julieta says:

    I saw uncle rafael last night, it was hilarious

  7. RitaH says:

    we went to see it last night, LOVED it, we even had to wait for the late show because it was sold out best of luck to everyone involved <3<3<3

  8. gevo says:

    mr kr since u r saying that u r Armenian then u should have known this but aince u havent realized i wanna say that the reason Armenians hold everything of theirs in high regard is because for a country or people of a country that has gone through all the things that they have going from one of tge biggest empires to one of the smallest countries in the world because of the genocide having only 3 million population now and approxamately 10 million worldwide yes its a proud accomplishment to have a Armenian man as a lead character in an American movie thats why its like that to have charles andznavour one of the most famouse singers in france who is Armenian kirk krikorian who owns 75% of las vegas casinos ya those are things to be proud of when u have gone through all the sorrow and people hating on ur culture all that is on comments that is part of something Armenian is mostly negative and for an Armenian person reading all those things it plays a big role on how a community reacts to things at last i wanna say that even if the movie is a 4 the reason Armenians rate it a five which is not always the case other cultures have rated it 5 also but tge reason Armenians might do it more than others is because how proud they are and happy they are that such a small community tries their best to achieve good things thank you for reading

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