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Posted by Pulse Administration on August 1, 2012
Armenian Public Radio – Artist of the Month – August 2012

Armenian Public Radio – Artist of the Month – August 2012

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Armenian Public Radio shares their love for Armenian music with a celebratory and engaging experience to all who hear their innovative interpretations of these cultural standards. Not exactly a cover band, Armenian Public Radio brings a new musical perspective to songs that have stood the test of time within the Armenian heritage.

Members of Armenian Public Radio—Saro K. (voice/guitar), Ryan D.

(lead guitar) and Mher A. (other guitar)—have all grown up listening to music that is sentimental to the older generation and the Armenian community as a whole. But living in a vibrant Diaspora, the trio quickly noticed the absence of the centuries old folk songs among their musical contemporaries. They have made it their mission to revive these songs in their community.Armenian Public Radio breathes new life into these traditional songs by weaving a blend of blues and American folk lead riffs with Anatolian rhythms and silver vocal lines. Melding musical styles— influenced by the Beatles, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Simon & Garfunkel, to name a few—with the simplicity of three acoustic guitars, the folk trio polishes away the grit from these village songs and reinterprets them with modern sensibilities. Making these songs accessible to both young and old Armenian generations, as well as those outside of the Armenian community.–Atina Hartunian

Armenian Public Radio

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