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Posted by Pulse Administration on July 21, 2012
Maria Cozette – Exclusive Radio Interview | In The Mix with HYE FX

Maria Cozette – Exclusive Radio Interview | In The Mix with HYE FX

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One of Armenian Pulse Radio shows, ‘In The MIX with HYE FX‘ has been on a constant rise in popularity since its debut  almost 10 weeks ago. On air every other Thursday, our host, Harry Ohannessian (DJ HYE FX) has been conducting some of the most entertaining, informative and relevant interviews of our Armenian celebrities to date. Along with these fun interactions with artists, Harry also brings his talent and experience as a DJ with an exclusive 30 minute Pulse Mix for our listening audience.

This week, Harry’s special guest is the very talented and ultra lovely Maria Cozette (Television Host, Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Producer).  We at were very excited when Harry informed us who his next guest would be, we have been fans of Maria for a very long time and we believe she is by far one of the most talented and accomplished Armenian artists around today.

If you missed the interview on Armenian Pulse Radio, you can catch it below on the SoulFulPop Channel from YouTube

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