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Posted by Pulse Administration on June 1, 2012
Paul Baghdadlian – Artist of the Month – June 2012

Paul Baghdadlian – Artist of the Month – June 2012

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Every June, we will dedicated the month to the memory of Armenian Legend Paul Baghdadlian who passed away on June 28, 2011. Instead of having an Artist of the Month, we will dedicate that title to the memory of Paul Baghdadlian. Please continue to search for him on youtube and listen to his music. Here are several links to various stories we have written, introduced and presented. Thank you for your understanding and participation.

Visit the pages below

Paul Baghdadlian’s Profile page on

Rest In Peace Paul Baghdadlian 1953-2011

Paul Baghdadlian Funeral Services July 9th 2011

Paul JR. Baghdadlian interview

Adiss Harmandian Dedication to Paul Baghdadlian

A tribute to Paul Baghdadlian – Presented by the Armo Show

Paul Baghdadlian Gravestone Remembrance

Here is a rare private Party Paul Baghdadlian was performing in. It’s a 30 minute video that was shot in 1986, just a small glimps into his undeniable talent singing his heart out in a small crowded venue.  Enjoy!

Paul Baghdadlian dedication every June


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  1. Shooshan Janoyan says:

    Apsos shad apsos

  2. Yeran Jan says:

    Happy Birthday may u rest in peace ur songs will forever be with us

  3. Armen Demirchyan says:

    Chka qizi nman…

  4. Zahir Shah Barkat says:

    Can you speak english?

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