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Posted by Pulse Administration on May 3, 2012
Arminka – Artist of the Month – May 2012

Arminka – Artist of the Month – May 2012

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We have been getting lots of requests for our monthly feature of Artist of the Month. Today we are proud to announce Arminka as our May 2012 Artist of the Month! Arminka’s musical style easily crosses over from Pop to Traditional, from heart wrenching love ballads to funky duets. It’s a style that exposes her raw talents!

Born, Armine Nahapetyan in Yerevan, 1973. Attended the famed Yerevan State Conservatory and after a five year successful run with the group ‘Hayer,” Arminka started her solo career and established her first hit “Andzrev.” After the astounding success of the song, she recorded a few more hits and then took very serious steps for recording her first album which was released in January 2003. The album titled after her first hit ‘Andzrev” was her starting point in becoming a pop star. This album was followed by successful tours and shows in both Armenia and abroad.

Arminka Artist of the Month

In October 2005, she released her second album simply called “Arminka.” Three years after, in October 2008, Arminka released her third album, “N 3″. Both CD’s produced sufficient hits to establish Arminka as a leading female Armenian pop artist!

Below is her latest song and video, a duet with very popular Armenian singer Arame, a traditional style song titled “Zov Gisher E.”

Enjoy and please share!

Arminka Artist of the Month


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