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Posted by Pulse Administration on April 1, 2012

Mihran Tsarukyan – Artist of the Month – April 2012

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Fast rising Armenian pop star Mihran Tsarukyan is our Artist of the Month for April 2012. We are very happy in choosing Mihran as he represents the young youth of today’s Armenian pop music. With multiple hits already under his belt, Mihran proves daily that he’s a fan favorite.




Mihran Tsarukyan’s first CD will be released on April 17 2012 from 3-7pm at Moscafe սրճաևանում (Աբովյան 18)

Mihran Tsarukyan

Quick Facts About Mihran!

Mihran Robert’s Tsarukyan

Born on 22 September, 1987 in Yerevan.

Participated in Hye Superstar in 2006

He shot his first video in 2009 and had multiple solo and duet hits!

His most recent solo hit was ‘Siro Kino’

His most recent duet hit was with Lilit Hovhanissyan with the song ‘Inchu Em Kez Sirum” which was followed with a beautiful video clip.

Mihran can be seen in multiple concert shows this year including one in Los Angeles on Sunday April 29th at the Pasadena City College Sexon Auditorium with fellow rising stars Lilit Hovhannisyan and Martin Mkrtchyan.

Please click here to visit Mihran Tsarukyan at his Facebook Fan Page

Mihran Tsarukyan Artist of the Month

Mihran Tsarukyan  Artist of the Month and CD Presentation

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12 Responses to “Mihran Tsarukyan – Artist of the Month – April 2012”

  1. Kevork Markarian says:


  2. Lili Avetis says:

    Will the CD be sold in the US?

  3. Harout says:

    Eventually yes, but probably not on that day Lili jan.

  4. Lili Avetis says:

    Thanks for the reply Harout jan…I’m a biggggg fan of his and I can’t wait till his concert on the 29th. He is a really great artist!!!

  5. armine says:

    can someone tell me when is his concerts

  6. margo says:

    When can I hear his latest cd/album (premiere) I can’t wait to hear it Armenian Pulse please respond and thanks a bunch in advance, for I am a big fan of his…

  7. BEAUTY ANN says:

    barev.du hrashqes

  8. MANE says:


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