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Posted by Pulse Administration on February 1, 2012
Arame – Artist of the Month – February 2012

Arame – Artist of the Month – February 2012

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Aram Yeghiazaryan was born on October 10, 1982 in Armavir city. His father, Marat Yeghiazaryan, has worked for the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and is a captain by ranking and his mother Ruzanna Karapetyan is a tailor. Aram’s brother Koryun is two years older than him and his sister Ani is four years younger than Aram.

Aram has studied in the middle school of Kasakh. When he was ten years old, he and his family moved to Doni Rostov where at the age of fifteen Aram got accepted to the “Arevik” children’s choir. During those years the future singer also occupied himself with sports and other fields of art. He has also been a member of painting and sculpture clubs. When Aram was in the ninth grade, he finally decided to get accepted to the humanitarian school of Doni Rostov.

The singer began his career in 2004 after placing first in the first round of the “Song of the Year of Armenia” contest. That same year Aram decided to return to Armenia and continue his singing career.

Arame Armenian Pulse Artist of the Month

1st video clip-2005- “Don’t be too sad”- Directed by Hrach Keshishyan
2nd video clip-2006-“You’re mine, my love”-Directed by Syoma Kodabashyan
3rd video clip-2006-“In my tear”- Directed by Syoma Kodabashyan
4th video clip-2006-“Hundred years”- Directed by Lusine Martirosyan
5th video clip-2007-“Don’t listen to me” Directed by Syoma Kodabashyan
6th video clip-2008-“You are mine”-Directed by Hrant Movsisyan
7th video clip-2008-“Where are you, whose are you”- Directed by Syoma Kodabashyan
8th video clip-2008-“Where is she”- Directed by Suren Tadevosyan
9-th Video clip – Arame and Nune Esayan “Erkusov” – directed by Syoma Kodabashyan
10-th Video clip – Arame “Aravot” – directed by Syoma Kodabashyan
11-th Video clip – Arame “Mi qich ser” – directed by Syoma Kodabashyan
12-th video clip – Arame “Le-Le” – directed by Syoma Kodabashyan

Visit Arame’s Website here

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Artist of the Month Arame


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  1. Anna Zeitounian Pucci says:

    great video

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  3. Melo says:

    inch amote vor Aramen amsva artiste….es shqex kayqum senc cadzrorak ergich

  4. apeh JAN says:

    laaaav ergaa apeh dures ekel shhaaatt sirun txaes

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