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Posted by Pulse Administration on September 15, 2011

Adiss Harmandian – ‘Polorits Darper’ In Memory of Paul Baghdadlian

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A beautiful tribute song to the late Paul Baghdadlian was created by another Legend in the Armenian music industry. Mr. Adiss Harmandian just released his tribute song titled ‘Polorits Darper’. The video starts off with Adiss, in his home playing a beautiful tune on a grand piano, leading into an edited video featuring Adiss recording the song in the studio intertwined with beautiful clips, images and vocals of the late, great Paul Baghdadlian. Lyrics, music, and performance by Adiss Harmandian, music video produced by Taline Harmandian. We congratulate everyone involved for a great tribute! Vartsgernit Gadar!

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10 Responses to “Adiss Harmandian – ‘Polorits Darper’ In Memory of Paul Baghdadlian”

  1. Nareg says:

    please i would like to know the name of the song that Paul sings in the video.Thanks

  2. Harout Tossonian says:

    This is so well done by a legend, dedicated to another legend. Thank you Adiss for this beautiful song in memory of Paul Baghdadlian.

  3. Armond Gh says:

    bah bah

  4. Nellie Arevian says:


  5. Annie Tachdjian says:

    Thank you Adiss <3

  6. Misak Michael Nalbandian says:

    Thank you Adiss. Miss you Paul. Ayo shad DARPER.

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