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Posted by Pulse Administration on June 28, 2011

Rest in Peace Paul Baghdadlian 1953-2011

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Today, June 28, the Armenian nation around the world woke up to devastating and heartbreaking news. Armenian singer and Legend Paul Baghdadlian passed away at approximately 3am after battling cancer for a couple of years. Armenians all around the world are grieving in unison and Pauls fans are sending their undying support and condolences to the Baghdadlian family especially his two sons Paul Jr. and Christopher and his daughter Vergine Baghdadlian.

On a personal note I would like to say that I grew up with the Baghdadlian family. My parents were best friends with Paul and his wife Ani and I can remember spending endless nights and weekends with them. Paul Baghdadlian was truly an uncle to me and Paul and Christopher were like my brothers. I will forever miss my Pol Amo and forever will be grateful for his gift to the Armenian people! There will never ever be another Paul Baghdadlian, he will remain a Legend and his beautiful voice will live on forever! May he rest in peace and sing to angels in heaven! We love you eternally Paul Baghdadlian!

Here is his last known live performance that was caught on camera… The song is called ‘Hishadagner’ and was due to be released on his next album. The song was never recorded, therefore we are left with this single version, What a beautiful song, what a beautiful human being!

Paul Baghdadlian 1953-2011 R.I.P.

Paul Baghdadlian In Loving MemoryUPDATE:::

For Full Funeral Coverage, please click here!!!



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28 Responses to “Rest in Peace Paul Baghdadlian 1953-2011”

  1. Paul, Truely was a legend in the Armenian community, a beautiful and vibirant powerfull voice he had like no other…He will be dearly missed but not forgotten, May he rest in peace. On a persoanl note that i would like to share, Love all his albums but by far His 1987 tape/cd ”Siretzi Yes Megin” is still one of my favorites after 24 years, plus on a lighter note here, I had a special request at that time around to Paul, to put out a differnt type of record than what was the usual and ordinary back than during the 80’s and that request was to put more heavier guitars tracks and more heavy drums on that album and the fianal outcome and verdict, it actually turned out great!! than anticipated. Once again Thank you Paul for the beautiful music that you had created that touched our hearts.
    R.I.P Paul.


    • Karno Baghdassarian says:

      Paul is more than a legend, a school, an inspiration, he gathered armenian young boys and girls together!!
      akhhh akhhhhh he went away….

      Im glad to say, the much loved song “siretsi yes megin” that became famous by his lips, was written and composed by my father, seto baghdassarian… this was, at least he did something for him…


  2. annette says:

    i would like to offer my condolences to the baghdadlian family .

    paul’s passing away is a big loss for the armenian community, he will always be in our hearts and remembered.
    thank you to paul for his beautiful voice and songs .
    take care baghdadlian family and the armenian community.

  3. Armen says:

    My deepest condolences to the Baghdadlian family.

    I grew up with your songs Paul and cannot believe now you have gone…

    One thing is for sure though, you shall always live in our hearts. Eternal respect to you.

    God bless all Armenians around the world.

  4. Miro says:

    I grew up with his songs. My favorite Armenian singer . We’ll always remember you with your songs. May you rest is peace Paul .

  5. Khaled says:

    I discovered Paul’s music by accident . . . I walked into an Armenian music store here in LA and asked the owner to recommend a few artists to me. This is how I discovered Paul, and the one and only Harout as well. I’m not Armenian but love both these guys!!! So sad about you passing SO early Paul.

  6. lebaret semonian says:

    im xorin tsavagtsutyunere bagdadlian gerdasdanin yev nuynisk bolor hayutyan ays mets gorusdin, hayutyune gorsentsuts legendi me vor dariner sharunak ir hayatsogutyamb yev sirayin yerkerov chuxatsuts metnolordere, yev nuynisk ir engeragan dashnagtsakan gerbarov xandavarets yev vogevorets amen mi hayi sirde, ellalov enger dashnagtsagan , ir gusagtsutyan shuntche yev gensagane iragortsets.
    vogormi nnegetsyal pol bagdadliani hogin , yev tsez sireli bagdadlian gerdasdan tsez hamberutyun yev bolor hay azgin.


    lebaret semonian
    javastraat 39
    6822 dk, arnhem

  7. Maies Aivazian says:

    My deepest condolences to the Baghdadlian family.
    Since i was a child i listed to his beautiful songs and i always liked his voice.
    The only thing i can say is that “POUL REST IN PEACE.

  8. Yeran says:

    Hes truly missed :’(

  9. Lisa Kas says:

    We miss you…..

  10. Juliyet Bonomo says:


  11. paul is a big legend singer paul is a famous singer paul is the best and he will be always the best ever record in armenian singers paul his my best friend ever paul even u are now in deep sleep here u chears my friend

  12. paul, I don’t remember you that well, i know you have sang at the navasartian games and i was there, but i don’t remember. rest in peace. Lori

  13. Mike from New York says:

    I love you Paul till this day an forever. You are being missed!!!!

  14. Rita says:

    Our deepest condolonces to the Baghdadlian family.

    We grew up listinging to your songs and still do – we miss you Paul, cannot believe that you are actually no longer here :(…:(

    You will be in our hearts forever. May you rest in peace!!!

  15. Աստված հոգիդ լուսավորի ուրախ և տխուր օրերի ընկեր………(((((((((

  16. Artin Hayem says:

    RIP King of love Paul Baghdadlian tu nous a quitté trop vite

  17. akh yerane ga el naaaaaaaaaaa……apsosss shud heraxavvvvvvv

  18. jan hrask axr sat lavnesssssss


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