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Posted by Pulse Administration on April 21, 2011

Kim Kardashian “Recognize the Armenian Genocide”

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A Special Message from Kim Kardashian about the Armenian Genocide:

~Kim Kardashian

My family and I are incredibly proud of our heritage. My dad taught me a lot about Armenian culture, and I have a strong connection with my roots. Every year, I honor the memory of the martyrs who were killed during the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Even though so many countries around the world recognize the Genocide, the government of Turkey still denies it.

It happened before Rwanda, Darfur, and the Holocaust. Maybe none of those other genocides would have happened if more nations had condemned the Armenian Genocide, when 1.5 million Armenians were massacred.

Some people might wonder why I’m talking about history on my blog. And that’s what I’m trying to show…it’s not history. Until this crime is resolved truthfully and fairly, the Armenian people will live with the pain of what happened to their families and the fear of what might happen again to their homeland. So out of respect for all those innocent people that died, I’m putting a spotlight on it today.

Today, thousands of Armenians will come together in Los Angeles to protest against the denial of the genocide and urge the United States government to recognize the Armenian Genocide. I hope that I can bring some attention to this today.

And, this year, April 24 falls on Easter Sunday. Armenians are the first Christian Nation in the world, and almost everyone will be in church to celebrate Easter. Even on this really happy day, we’re going to be remembering the Genocide.

There’s going to be a National Day of Prayer in churches across America to celebrate Easter and commemorate the Genocide.

My thoughts and prayers are with all my fellow Armenians on this really important day. I stand proud with you always.

~Kim Kardashian

Check out our interview with Kim Kardashian as she continues to talk about her Armenian Heritage here

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